My D Story

I am new to the D-blogging world, but not to the DOC in general. I most frequently haunt TuDiabetes, but can also be found elsewhere. I’ve been following several D blogs for a while, and though I’ve always been interested in them, I was never sure whether I would have something worthwhile to contribute to the D-blogging world. Whether I do or not is still undetermined, but here I am all the same!

My D story, in a somewhat shortened form, goes like this:

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Great story. I am just so impressed at the positive changes you have made in your life.

Wow, I am so happy to hear that you have it all together now. Any advice to a teen diabetic’s mom on how to make him want to control it on his own once he moves out. He is very good with it now, but some of the different stories I hear on here makes me wonder if he will still stay in control once he is on his own. Again, awesome news that you have your diabetes under control instead of the other way around!

Theresa - I honestly don’t have advice. I was horribly unmotivated as a teen/very young adult.

My own personal motivation now comes from A)my wonderful boyfriend who is caring and understanding and supportive whether my BG is 40 or 340. He’s very healthy and fit and makes me want to be the same! and B)wanting to avoid further complications…the retinopathy is/was scary enough. Also, as a 25 year old woman I’m beginning to think about having kids one day…I know I have to be healthy before that point.

Great to hear that you got your D back on track Kari, I could certainly relate to a lot of your story. Keep up the good work!

Theresa - as another D who was a little rebelious during their teen years (who me??!!), all I can say is that education is the key. At the end of the day a teen is going to try new things and in all likely hood his D will probably take a back seat at times. Best advise I can give is provide as much education as he can handle and provide the support network when its needed.