D & D: Dieting and Diabetes

Another big part of my life for the past year (and hard core since January) is Dieting to lose the rest of my baby weight and feel like “the old Dana” instead of “Fluffy-Dana”. (my personal joke!) And let me tell ya- Dieting with Diabetes is TOUGH! Especially if you don’t know if the insulin keeps a couple of pounds on your or what. Exercising helps too but taking OFF the weight and not FLUCTUATING up and down has been hard. I’ve done everything: Weight Watchers- 2 years, Exercise, Nutritional Cleanse (not great for Diabetics at all), etc. I’ve finally taken off some good lbs. through Nutrisystem! It is tough to cut down on the insulin intake- all with doctor supervision- but I’m finally starting to feel like my old self. I have 1200 calories a day and I know it is not a lifestyle but a temporary sacrifice for a long term gain. I still have a good 7-8 pounds to go but… I’m… trying… to…get… there…:slight_smile: WISH ME LUCK!!!