My Biggest Supporter

It’s true ultimately my diabetes care is up to me and me alone but it is nice to have some supporters. You know someone around to encourage me, cheer me, and even help me when I need it.

Who are they you maybe asking. I have a few; my mom and dad, my sister Lilly, my boyfriend John, and my friend Z Money. Each one plays an important role in my support system.

To start my mom and dad are wonderful. My dad he gives me the encouragement that I need to keep on track in that fatherly kind of way that you know he means it. My mom cheers me on. She is the reason I keep up my fight. They did not give up on me when I tried to end it all.

My sisster Lilly she is my rock. She was my mind when my mind was not working. She was and is there for me when I need her. She welcomed me into her home and cared for me when I could not care for myself.

My boyfriend John, and my friend Z Money are my listening ears. The support that I get from them is like no other. If ever in need to vent, rant, or just talk about it (it being diabetes) they are the ones I turn to. When in need to just talk without someone trying to fix the problem or tell me I should do something John and Z Money are a email/call away. John sends me notes when he know I have had a hard day or week letting me know today is a new day go be strong and fight, fight.

Mom, dad, Lilly, John, and Z Money you are my biggest supporters. If I have not told this today thanks for all that you do. You keep me going on my worst of worst days.

These are my biggest supporters. Just wondering who are your supporters?

It’s so wonderful to hear you have so many supportive, and caring people in your life to help you with this little daily battle of ours… :slight_smile: I am so happy for you. For me, my biggest supporters are my husband, my mom, and many peeps on this site. :))) I just keep going because of them.

Lizmari I like you keep going because of my supporters. I think I would be lost without them.

Missy we need you in our lives just as much as you need us in your life. And yes you told me thanks today for all that I do for you. Understand you are loved and needed.

my son, my daughters, my sister, my best friend at work and this site. Missy, it is hard and I’m glad you have so mahy people in your life.

Kathyann it seem like you have a good support system in place. I am blessed to have the support system that I have. They make it a little easier to deal.