My boy Llyr is in a Photo contest!

Okay some shameless promotion for my boy Llyr! I hope this is okay to put this here. I am sure the administration will let me know if not. (I will not be receiving any monetary award) The company that makes his cart, K-9 Cart Company East is running a photo contest and Llyr is one of the finalists! He has some stiff competition from a St. Bernard and another Corgi, but we are winning so far! If Llyr wins he will be on the K-9 Cart Company 2011 brochure and he will be featured in a display at a large Veterinary Conference in the K-9 Cart Company booth. Oh, and I will get a T-shirt. So, if anybody wants to vote for my boy Llyr you can vote 1x every 24 hours until the end of December I am in the picture with Llyr and Dr. Parkes'. Here is the link

I would love to see my boy win. He has been through so much in the past few years. The cart that he is in now due to him having Degenerative Myelopathy has made such a difference in his quality of life. It is wonderful for him to have his mobility again!

If you have not seen pictures of Llyr just visit my page. There are many of him, Awstin and my Gwennan who passed Nov.15, 2005. Gwennan was able to detect my low blood sugars. Those who know me know that my Corgis are a very big part of my life. They help keep me strong! Thanks in advance to anyone who decides to vote for my boy Llyr!

Llyr has my vote! What a sweetheart. Hope he wins & give him a kiss from me.

gosh amy, he always puts a smile on my face whenever I see him. I voted!

Thanks Marie, he always makes me smile too. And Gerri, thank you also. He is a love bug! Kisses given!

Noticed last night that your baby was in the lead. Am going to delete cookies to vote again.

He's got my vote!

I voted for Llyr, but I missed his Santa suit!

Thanks Trudy! They did not use the Santa suit picture. They picked something more generic to use. And thanks for voting Teena!

Gerri, they will only allow you to vote 1x in 24 hours.

Thanks, Amy. Llyr will get my vote every 24 hours. Those carts are amazing. I do animal rescue. Some years ago we had a Basset mix who needed emergency back surgery for paraylsis. During his rehabilitation, another rescue loaned us a K-9 cart for Dudley.

Amy, I just voted for Llyr, it looks like he is in the lead. Actually, all the dogs are very cute and very brave. My neighbor has a Corgi ( Guiseppe ), he is also a cutie. Best of luck with the contest.

Thanks Cat! My boy is leading, but you are so correct. All the dogs in the contest are winners for their bravery and strength!

I voted, because you asked for it! Good luck!

Thanks Casandra! You can vote 1x every 24 hours until the end of Dec. Llyr and I appreciate your vote!