My Corgi Llyr is featured on The Daily Corgi blogspot!

My wonderful Corgi boy Llyr is featured on The Daily Corgi today. They are doing a fundraiser of DM research and I wrote a story about my boy Llyr and his journey with Degenerative Myelopathy. He truly inspires me with his strength and courage every day while we battle this incurable disease called DM!
I hope you all will enjoy his story.

Corgi hugs and kisses!
Amy and Llyr

Hi Amy. Congratulations to you and Llyr for being featured on The Daily Corgi. Research on breed problems is so important. You wrote a lovely, informative article with great photos, all of which I enjoyed very much.

Amy I was just thinking of you & Llyr because we have two Corgi boys at our town’s kill shelter.

What a wonderful blog about your angel. Love the pics.

Hugs to Llyr & his beautiful mom.

Gerri, how awful! Have you posted anywhere about the corgis in need? PM me and I can give you some links or if they will allow I can do some posting.
Thank you for reading Llyr’s story!

Thank you Trudy! In some ways it was a hard story to write…but I love my boy so much and I am proud that he was chosen to be featured on the blog and the faces of DM. I hope it helps educate people on DM and raise money for the much needed research. I also wanted people to know that despite all the difficulties of a diagnosis of DM that a dog can still live a wonderful life with the time they have left!

Amy, so sweet of you. I’m pretty sure I found a foster for them, but thanks! Purebreds get adopted quickly, especially smaller breeds. It’s the darling mixes that don’t have much chance.

That’s wonderful of you to share that story! It must have been hard but it’s important. I wish you and Llyr the best!

Thanks Jessica for reading Llyr’s story and your wishes. He had swimming therapy today and is doing very well with the swimming!..

I went over and read your story and left a comment there, too, but I wanted to say thanks, here, as well, for helping to educate people on DM and on the use of “wheelchairs/carts” for dogs. My OC has been in one for a little over a year now, and she is doing well at age 12. Without the chair, she wouldn’t be with us as I have some health issues, too, and wouldn’t be able to carry her in an out, etc.

Ocmist, carts can make a world of difference for our beloved animals quality of life and ours as well. I am sorry to hear OC is in a cart, but I am glad it helps. Thank you for reading Llyr’s story. He is still doing well. He has started to have some minimal muscle wasting which is unfortunately part of the progression of DM despite all of his Rehab exercises. He is very happy in his cart, but some days he is slower than others now. It varies, one day he is perky and energetic others not as much…much like me :slight_smile: