My CUP runneth over

Leaves are falling all around in the wild winds they scarcely make a sound, Jack Frost is coming white will be the ground and snow is forecast footsteps I will see planted gently one by one leading to who knows where, Christmas Spirit rides on the wind a choir I hear practising near, a time to reflect my life and I miss the loved ones so near yet so far away some have gone to heaven dear Mom I miss you so, my doggy Ben also passed away a closer friend I never had his wagging tail his nose so cold his cheery bark shut up Ben I cannot hear,it is true what some people say nothing last forever, I wish it for and one more day, On Christmas day I raise a glass and give thanks to God for my life past the good times the bad times all rolled into one, as I put presents around the tree I think of the kids and grand kids who make my life so great my dear wife my Angel my life so good in many ways,yet heart disease and diabetes take it’s toll and sometimes an aching in my soul brings memories so real to touch like my face and the shaving brush, does it matter how I lived my life for my soul belongs to God in this I have no choice,the Devil may knock and temp me a stray but in the end God will have his way,one and sixty sixty three years have passed is there time to make amends,when I was young and foolish then if only I had known what I know now would my life have been so different the road less rocky I guess I will never know I hope they say when I am gone that was my dad my husband my grandad

A talented Poet you are Ray and Life is your poetry.

I love your blog posts, thumbs. They are so pretty. One of my cats just died about 3 months ago so I know how you feel. :frowning: