When I was but a lad

How sweet some memories of summers past of winters with warm gloves and hats,the smell of log fires burning in the fireplace of marshmallows melting the snow,of doggy sitting at my feet, my mom and dad who cuddle me and tell me of what wondrous things to be, the snow is falling the owl is calling the smoke up the chimney goes dad tells me he loves my little toes,he says this little piggy went to market and so the story goes,I say my prayers my soul to keep I close my eyes and fall asleep,a tear runs down my face of times long gone, my mom who is in heaven and watches over me,my dad so old he cannot see,why do we have to grow up I ask,bring back those times of long ago

of warm fires of embers glow,of little piggies one two three of bedtime stories,a warm embrace a cuddle a kiss, I do miss of mom and dad with little me,a fairy who sits upon our tree her magic wand wave all around tinsel blowing to and fro of Christmas lights red blue and green of presents under the tree are those for me, for a while i am as happy as can be.

Good things fill my mind so vivid I can almost see,so real a tear does fill my eye is that an Angel whispering in my ear or just the North wind blowing through trees,my heart is filled but for a while, upon my face is a smile, thank you mom and thank you dad for I was your little lad.


I often think of mom and dad specially when I feel low, my eyes have filled up writing this blog,not a thing a grown up lad should do I know, but somee memories buried deep suraface sometimes and warm your tired heart,back to reality insulin breakfast and a long day ahead..