Once opened

Jack Frost has left his calling card everywhere is crisp and white,no footsteps to be seen in the early morning light,Some folks are sleeping snuggled warm as toast spare a thought for billy a goat who shakes away the night his breath is like mist as it descends towards the light,the milkman chuddles along his cart slithers and slides the milk in the bottles is icy cold birds need not peck at these all the apples and pears have long fallen form our garden trees,a cat looks out the window through the icy pane her heads moves from side to side her whiskers she does strain,not a thing moves to cold to wonder out not even a robin red breasted sings its cheerful song, not even a fox to chase the hens,not even an Angel does descend,for it was on a night like this so long long ago a shepherd heard sweet singing his flock they did stay he bowed his head in reverence you know what the Angelic Angel did say so fear not it may be cold no Sun up in the Sky but sister Moon looks down on us winks to say goodbye, a sound is heard a cat is scared she scampers fast away she looks back to see a dog who Chase's her on her way,I have taken my medication insulin and all,my feet are cold so is my nose my hands they feel warm my cup of tea awaits me the first of this new day,the silence is broken a dog he does bark I hope like me you get up early just like a singing lark ,the sky is blue the clouds so white the Sun it does rise bringing in the morning light,it warms the Earth a dandelion blows in the wind it's seeds it must let fly fear not for it's babies come snow wind or rain once set upon the ground they go to sleep await the Summers day when they will grow and watch there babies slowly drift away, so for a while Jack frost is put away kept safe and sound for another winters day.