My Dexcom will only vibrate

My Dexcom will only vibrate, even though I have it set to alarm on a ‘sound alarm.’ I have changed the alarm, and re-started the Dexcom. . .but it still only vibrates.

Any suggestions?

Just to be clear, you have checked the Profile you’ve set to one that is not Vibrate?

Go into the menu, scroll down to Profiles, select it, then scroll through the profiles to see which one is checked. That’s the one that’s currently selected. If it’s any profile other than vibrate, it will make a sound when an alert is triggered.

I suspect you are set to the Vibrate profile, and have the Alerts settings confused with overall alarm setting behavior. The Alerts settings allow you to enable/disable individual alert conditions and set their thresholds. The Profiles setting is a global, overall setting for the style of alarm that sounds, and affects all alert types.


Also the way my setting works is it vibrates first and then if I ignore the vibrate after a period of time the alarm will go off. So if I acknowledge the vibrate it will never go to the alarm.

Is it still under warranty? My original receiver stopped beeping about 1-2 months after I got it and Dexcom replaced it for me.

Technical support seemed to think that water could cause that damage, but I hadn’t gotten it wet unless you count running outdoors in extreme humidity.

The replacement receiver is still going strong 2.5 years later, although its vibration seems to be getting very loud (there must be something dislodged in there).

Thanks. Yes, I called them and they are replacing it immediately… They also mentioned the water issue, but like you - there’s been no water. . . .

Mine also did the same thing and Dexcom replaced it.There was no mention of water. Great support from Dexcom