My Diaversary (or D-Day)

is today! 3 years ago today I was diagnosed with Diabetes. Didn’t realize that things were out of control till I went to the doctor for a badly needed (and very long overdue) physical. Had some issues that I thought were age related, but turned out that I had an A1C of 12.7 at the time. Things are much better now, last A1C was up a little bit, but still only 6.2. Morning readings are typically around 110, evening readings quite often are in the 90’s. Been a while since I tested and was over 160 or so. Started on insulin (humalog mix 75/25) that I used once a day (12 units if I remember right). Was on that for about 9 months. Switched to Metformin extended release 2 500 mg pills a day. Took that for about a year. Now only take one 500 mg Metformin extended release. Look forward to maybe one day being able to get off of it as well. Still a struggle, but with the help of my family, my church, and my God, I may have diabetes, but diabetes does not have me.

Congrats!!! I know my 2nd is coming in aug… A little different than you. Me dx’ed type 1 in ICU DKA and 52 weird huh??? So glad to here you are doing good!!!

Happy D-day! Mine is tomorrow :slight_smile: