My feelings!


You have nailed all the petty irritations that mount up into one big MOAN.
People ‘know’ that diabetics only have to keep away from sugar and take a pill or injection daily, what is hard about that?! I wish it was different, but nothing is going to change in the near future.
(((Hugs))) Maureen


Osob, I’ve never been angry RE: DM. Just grateful that for 57 yrs I ate whatever I wanted.

Plus - I think about my son -who from age 4 could never eat what he craved, then passed @ 18 weighing 77# and only 4’6". He was considered the most severely stricken male lupus patient in the U.S. by 2 Children’s Hospitals & one local specialist.

My husband donated a kidney to our son. It failed in 3 yrs. I was set to give him mine in a few months when he was healthy enough to receive it. He passed before that could happen.

Life is so sad…GOD I miss him, so very much…


Crap - I can’t stop crying now…

EDIT TO ADD: I hear you - totally! For me, it’s easier to have DM than to go through what my son did. That’s most likely why I don’t feel bad about my hardships now - I remember how hard his entire life was. Not to minimize your hardships AT ALL. But it certainly minimizes mine.

God bless you.


Aww I am sorry I hope your ok.
Life is sad and very hard but we do our best to push through.
I felt sad and down so writing my feelings really helps me move on. People think I am unhappy,depressed but with any illness it kind of comes with it I reckon finding a way to deal with it is what keeps us going.
Thank you for taking the time out to comment. I am sorry I didn’t mean to upset you. Forgive me.:kiss:


Oh my gosh Osob - NO! There is NOTHING to forgive you for!!! You didn’t upset me - my circumstances did. I was just trying to help you to feel better. I know how hard this is for all of us. I’m so sorry…i want to help you to get through this so much…

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I am ok now thank you.
I wrote and then lift myself up by spending time with my girls, we went to a mini zoo near us and had a picknic.
It was exactly what I needed.

You really did help. I hope your ok.
Much love.:kiss:


((hugs))) & (((hugs))) to you! It IS very hard. I didn’t mean to trivialize your feelings.

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How old are your girls?

You didn’t.
They are 5 and 2.
My oldest is on Easter holidays so I have to entertain/tire them out.:joy:

Nicely put, my friend: “petty irritations that mount up to one big MOAN.”…Exactly!


Blessings of the Universe to you and yours, Genie. I know what it is like to lose a child…

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Oohh, Osob! I remember when my children were that young! I’m 59 now, but those are the VERY BEST memories of my life! My children are 28-38 now and still say they want their happy childhood back - free from worries, so much fun…you’ll do that too!

You just need good recipes to make you feel satiated - as do all of us diabetics.

Bless you so much…

Thank you Hun.
Sorry to read about your loss.


I hope so I really do try some days are a bit harder then other days but they give me the strength I need.
Just seeing them grow and have their own personalities is truly mind blowing.

They are the best thing that ever happened to me.:kiss::kiss:

I hear you! My kids are grown, but oh, do I miss those days!

Judith - have you lost a child? If so, please elaborate…

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@Judith_in_Portland: (((Hugs))) to you…

Losing a child is truly the very worst thing that can ever happen to us. (I lost 2 sons to illness). After that, diabetes seems easy…

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What you wrote is the truth for sure. No one understand this but you and the rest of us who are daily ‘living’ this disease. Thank you for being so honest.