My first blog entry

Well, almost a month ago… I got my first blood glucose check… I don’t like needles, anything sharp, anything puncturing the skin… so this was a really hard thing for me. But I knew that it was important for me to do this cause I need to have knowledge of what is going on with my body… especially since I am at risk for diabetes because of my family history.

I was volunteering at the health and wellness fair at my school and there was some down time so I went over to the table and sat down. I told the lady that I was afraid… and she told me there was nothing to worry about… “it’s as easy as one, two, seee there we go! all done!”

Yeah it’s not that bad… I can only imagine what it’s like to do it everyday… several times a day… and then giving yourself insulin if you have to?!.. I seriously, admire each and every diabetic in the world for what they do each day. Seriously.

Results: well it was a glucose and cholesterol test… cholesterol was 131 and glucose was 72.

The nurse looked at me smiled and said “very good!”

I still need to be careful even though I am currently doing well… I would like to lose a little more weight since i’m a little overweight for my height and i would like to maintain the good eating habits… although, sometimes it’s hard being a full time graduate student. But the program is almost 1 year done… only 1 year left after this one!

Great BG reading! KEEP IT UP!!!

Lois La Rose
Milwaukee, WI

yup you’re good. 72 - definitely not even pre-diabetes. one more year woohoo!!!