And the diagnosis is

So I went to the doctor this morning as many of you already know and found out that I am pre-diabetic. The minimal blood glucose score for Diabetes, my doctor says, is 120 and I was 115. She was a little worried about how close I was to 120 so we decided that I would really watch my diet (I need to loose 8 pounds- yay) and exercise a lot and to test my blood sugar often and if/when it goes over 120 to go back to her and discuss the next steps. I HATE sticking my finger. When they did it this morning I thought I might die. So many people though have to do that and give themseleves multiple shots a day, so I can be a big girl and monitor it and keep it in check. Good news is I got a cute little pink monitor so at least it’s cute, that will help it a little! So pre-diabetes, I can live with that. I can keep it below 120, my doctor even said I can lower it significantly enough that it won’t even be a huge concern like it is now! I can do it, I’m committed to it!