My first Blog! Wow!

Ok, well, here goes.

My son, oldest son, is the Diabetic in the family. Kinda happened like a cheap sucker punch from hell. Life was good, we were just going along and then that mack truck t-boned us. It started with him always being hungry, thirsty, anger out-bursts, bed wetting. Then one morning, as he was getting in the bath tub, my wife noticed how skinny he had become; ribs showing on his back. She called me and I told her to take him to the doctor. Two hours later, she calls me, crying. Diabetes mellitus was the diagnosis. His blood sugar was in the high 600's, high keytones, and now a rushing trip to children's hospital.

Already hating needles (why does God give this disease to kids/humans and especially those how hate needles?) we had to sit with him in the ER and almost hold him down so the nurse could administer the IV. The next week, just before Christmas, we spent in a hospital room, getting a crash course on what to do, what can happen, and what to expect. The worse part was having to give the shots. Flash forward to present day....

1 year and 4 months after diagnosis, we put him on the Minimed Pump. To this day, he has never had an extreme low or had to go back to the hospital. Thank God for that. We are very well versed with counting carbs, estimating, even he is more accurate than we are at times! He is in Boy Scouts. Plays the Double Bass. Very talented guitarist! He is a blessing. Now the bad part....

He has a very low motivation level at times. Says he can't do something if he cant be number one. Has a high motivation for x-box though! I know that most of this is because he is going thru puberty; he is so talented and intelligent, I just wish he had more drive. This disease sucks; especially for him. Always thinking about what he's eating/drinking, poking his fingersl, injecting the inset. Why!!!!!!!??????

Growing up, a friend of mine was diagnosed at the age of 12 with type 1. I learned so much from his experiences and now I am putting to good use with my son.

Well, thats my first blog. Just the tip of the diabetes iceberg! Everyday is a struggle to keep the ever sensitive balance. I am sure that there are a lot of parents out there just like us. Just know that I have you in my thoughts and in my prayers. Lets keep the hope and drive for the kryptonite that will destroy this disease that has taken/affected so many wonderful lives.


I so know the high motivation level for XBOX. My husband and I constantly struggle with our son and his time spent on Xbox. Maybe we should get our two boys together on Xbox. My son does not know another boy his age with diabetes. My son is 13. How old is your son?

Hi Theresa,

My son is 12 as of February.

Today, just another day in paradise. Is it hormones, blood sugar, hormones? WTH? Some days can be so discouraging and yet others are what is necessary to boost you back up. “I can’t do it” “I’m not smart” “I am terrible at everything”. Maybe I need to take him to a counselor??? Or just wait puberty out? If I had more hair I would probably pull some of it out. LOL.

With my son it seemed like a switch was hit when he turned 13. He is soooo letting us know about his desire to be independent and to make his own decisions. I am being told and from what I’ve read this is a stage they must go through (and so do we) in order for them to become independent adults. How much time do you allow on xbox? Does your child get online with his friends to play? How late do they play?

Amen…my heart goes out to your son its not fair that it has to happen to children…Hope they find a cure also…Good luck and god bless