Our Second Diabetes Diagnosis

The day Griffin was diagnosed with diabetes was one of my darkest days. I never imagined I would have to go through it all over again with another one of my children. Last weekend my 5 year old son Brennan was very lethargic and he didn't seem like himself he was laying around and he was very whiny. I thought he was probably getting a cold or something. Then Monday came around and he seemed okay he just kept telling me he was tired and he looked a little thinner than normal and I was like oh he's probably losing his baby fat. But then I got the call from his kindergarten teacher at 10:00 a.m on Tuesday she told me that Brennan had been asking to get a drink every 10 minutes and kept asking to use the bathroom, the minute she said this, my heart sank. I drove up to the school, picked him up, and took him straight to the E.R. His blood sugar was 567. So since Tuesday we have been trying to get into the routine of our new normal. Griffin has been very encouraging towards Brennan when it's time to test and get his shot. We have kept Brennan home this week while we get his 504 plan into place and everything all set up. I can't believe that we now have 2 children with diabetes. Last night Brennan asked me "Mommy did I get diabetes because I wished that I would have diabetes so I could be just like Griffin." choking back tears, I said "No honey you didn't do anything wrong. Your pancreas just stopped working." As you can see this has been a very hectic and emotional week. I will blog more about how Brennan is doing soon.

Bless your heart. You have had a rough week for sure. You sound like a strong person and one who keeps her cool. Your family is blessed to have you.

No matter how "accustomed" you are to diabetes, a subsequent diagnoses...especially related to a child, YOUR child, is heart dropping.
Baskets of hugs to you (((♥)))

Oh boy, Jennifer. It's hard to imagine what your family is experiencing right now. Seems like Brennan is a lucky boy, though, to have such knowledge and support around his diabetes right from the start. How old is Griffin?

I'd like to add more hugs to the basket from Linda :)

Griffin is 8 years old. Thank you everyone for the nice comments and virtual hugs. This is such a great community and I'm so glad to be apart of it :)

You are in my thoughts! Although I wish it was for another reason, this will forge an even stronger bond between your two sons. Hang in there!