So I’ve never kept a blog before, but I guess I can try. So I have seen a diabetic educator this summer to get my pump settings more finely tuned. And so far it has worked greatly. My bs has improved very well. It wasn’t horrible before, but I feel I’m getting a lower A1c this next appt. But one thing that has happened is that I’m going low more. Today was kinda an up and down day. I’ve been sick with sinuses or some cold and my sugar was high a couple of hours before lunch so I corrected. Then at lunch it was 70. Which isn’t bad except I went low while eating lunch. In all it hasn’t been so bad this summer. Earlier this year in January I went off my Minimed pump because I kept ripping out my sites and I was just plan fed up with being on the pump. I used pens from January to May, and then my Dr. kept asking if I was ready to go back on that pump yet. She is one AMAZING doctor! She has always been very understanding, and willing to try lots of things to make life better and my blood sugar better!! She wants me to start the omnipod when my minimed expires, and I’m pretty excited about that. I guess this is all I’ll talk about in this first blog. Maybe I’ll think of somethings later to write. But OH if anyone has suggestions or ideas let me know!

Hang in there! You’ll get the pump worked out! The omnipod seems pretty neat… I hope you’ll like it!