My first one!

I’ve been thinking of blogging for a while but never actually started. Quick run down- I was diagnosed T1 June 8, 2007- almost exactly one year after college graduation and 6 months into my first real job. Its a slightly lonely world for newly diagnosed 20somethings. There are lots of T1 20somethings, but those of us diagnosed post college seem to be few and far between. Now I’m 9 months in and in the middle of my honeymoon. I’ve had relatively few swings over the past few months and my last A1C was 6.1. I have an appointment w/ my CDE this week- we’ll see what the next one will be. I was very excited about the pump at my last endo visit, but over the last few months, I seemed to have lost all motivation for either the pump or diabetes in general. I think this honeymoon has been too easy so I don’t feel the need to be super careful. I’m sure my motivation will return but right now, I feel like I’m slacking too much. I’m probably going to mention this to my CDE. Has anyone ever gone to any support groups or anything similar? I go to the Joslin Clinic in Boston, so I know they have lots of different kinds. Recommend? Waste of time? I welcome comments.

we can all use support. just to have someone to listen and say… “hey, i’m like that too!” who is it going to hurt? noone! so go, keep an open mind and hopefully it will be all worthwhile!

I consider the people of TuDiabetes, the many blogs and the people over at Diabetes Daily as my support groups. I think that the more you can learn, the better able you are to work with and control your diabetes. There are no support groups where I am, but I agree with Landileigh, it can’t hurt to go with an open mind and see if a group works for you. Meanwhile, keep exploring the web, you’ll be awed by the support/advice/friendship that you will discover.