My First Blog


Honestly, when I log into my homepage, I get tired of that little message that says I haven't posted any blogs yet. I have. :)

I will say this - I am soo glad that I found this site. I've never felt all alone in my diabetes, becasue I know there are thousands who live with this every day. However, I was caught up in my own little Type I world and I truly did not realize that we are in the minority when it comes to diagnosed cases.

Now, don't get me wrong, I love all my DBs (Diabetic Babies). We are all in the same malfunctioning pancreas club. But, it is so frustrating for me sometimes to hear a news tease about a breakthrough or a new treatment or a new discovery - and to find out it is for T2s.

So, I'm glad Manny and his wife started this site, because I can connect w/ other T1s - and make friends w/ some T2s. So, if you've read this - thanks and I look forward to working/talking/laughing/crying/sharing/debating with you as we all take this trip.



Welcome! It’s funny, as a T2 I’ll get the same thing in reverse, I’ll start reading a post and all of a sudden they’ll start talking about their pump or their carb/insulin ratio and then i realize, it’s not going to be helpful for me.

But we have a lot of things in common regardless, and there are many people working on a cure for type 1 as well.

Welcome to the site :smiley:


Are you reading my mind or what? Very scary for you, by the way. I think always seeing/finding/reading about T2 made me feel very isolated, especially since many people in the general public don’t know that there are actually 2 types of the disease. Tu Diabetes has been a LifeSaver of the non-caloric kind for me!


I too find life to be very isolating in terms of T1 diabetes. You just simply don’t run into many folks that “get it” through the course of your normal day.

The internet, blogs and this site helps a great deal. Glad you joined in here!