My Head Injury

I had a bad fall about three weeks ago. Dizziness caused me to fall backwards at my home and the back of my head hit the asphalt driveway. I went to my local ER and they said I would probably not have a concussion. They sent me home. I seemed to be ok. Then about a week ago I started feeling very weak legs and had to start using a walker at home. My wife insisted that we see my doctor. He sent me to the ER and a cat scan showed bleeding in the vicinity of my head injury. They sent me to the Albany Medical Center about one hour north of my home. Further testing showed the bleeding had spread. I could not walk at that time, and I could not turn over in bed while sleeping. I had to stop using aspirin which I use as a blood thinner. When my blood was no longer too thin, a procedure was scheduled to remove the old blood.

On Saturday the procedure was performed. After shaving a patch on both sides of my head, they drilled holes and used a device that let the blood drain out. A lot of blood has drained now. That night I was able to turn over in bed, and I had a wonderful sleep!!! Sunday morning I noticed a lot of renewed strength in my hips and legs. I got up and walked, with help. Physical therapy will be prescribed and I know a great PT guy in my home town. I am anxious to get back to workouts at the gym. My trainer there is excellent and she will guide me through appropriate exercises and the machines use to get me back in shape.

My wife will take very good care of me at home. We have been married 48 years, and we want to have a golden anniversary, so I must stay in good shape! LOL!!

As you can see, I am in good shape now, and I have very good people to take good care of me. Old man Richard will survive and continue his quest for the 75 year Joslin medal in the year 2020.

Update: The tubing was removed from my head today (Monday), and staples placed there, to hold everything in place. Don't want any brains to spill out! LOL! I am walking again with a walker, and strength is coming back into my legs. They are sending me home tomorrow. They cannot wait to get rid of me! lol

Glad to hear it!

Wonderful! I want to read the post about your 50th anniversary and see a picture of you with your 75 year medal.

Good news! I'm happy to read you are doing so well. You are very lucky to have such a great support network. It makes all the difference.

So nice to see your smiling face, Richard,live and in person, and on your way to well! So glad your wife got you to the ER to figure it all out.

Glad to hear you making such a great recovery.

im glad to see youve kept your sense of humour in the hospital, and glad to read that youre up and about again!! i hope you have a quick recovery and that youre back to your old self in no time!

I AM SO GLAD to read you are doing better, Richard!!!!

Great to hear Richard! So... a marathon next week at this rate? LOL

Richard, I am so glad you are well on the road to recovery. Take care, Maureen

It's great to hear from you Richard! If you're going to make your anniversaries, we'd better get you a helmet!!

It’s great to hear that you are on the mend. Golden Anniversary here you come and Joslin medal. Take it easy.

Richard it's good to here from U...keep moving, some day's we just have to lean into it a little harder...

Thanks to all my good friends here at TuD!!

So glad to know you are better.

Hi Richard. So glad you've recovered, and I'm looking forward to your future posts.

Falls are so scary. Back when I got my first pump, I remember falling in our driveway the first day I was wearing it. Lucky that both the pump and I were OK!

I'm glad you're on the mend Richard. Do they know why you had dizziness before the fall? I'm skeptical about ER's and am so glad your wife sent you in the right direction. Carry on my friend!

So glad to hear you are returning to wellness. I am always inspired by your tenacity and good to know your sense of humor survived as well.

Linda, I have had some dizziness for several years due to my blood pressure dropping when I stand up. I have to rise slowly and proceed with caution until I have good balance. That happens in the mornings. There are also times that I have a dizzy spell for no apparent reason at any time of day. My neurologist thinks I have some autonomic neuropathy, which would explain the drop in blood pressure when I stand up. That condition is difficult to diagnose, so we are not sure I have it.