My Head Injury

Glad she done such a good job Richard! Love ya' Hope everyday gets better for u! (and knowing u and ur streanth it will) GO!!

Such great news, Richard!!!!! I'm SO glad to read this :)

A big happy smile & hug for you!!! I pray that you will continue to do well!!!

The best news ever Richard that you are on the mend!!!

You are amazing! I'm sure your wife will make sure you will be around long after your next anniversary. Take care of yourself. You are an inspiration to so many people.

That's a terrible experience Richard. Obviously the medical professionals at the ER were wrong. That happens too often. :( I hope that you reported them. Anita is a Lifesaver and my Hero today. I'm so glad that she takes care of you so well. She sure does love you. :).

That's Wonderful that they have kicked you out of the cage and that you are doing better. Yes, and please do keep your brains. We need all the ones that we have left. Love your humour Richard as always. :) Now be careful. ;o)

(Oh, I gave Phil a nice trophy this year for saving my Life countless times due to Diabetes plus for his kindness and support. He's so proud of it but said I didn't need to do that. Yes, I did! :)

Great news Richard! take care

Thanks Susan, it is nice to hear from you!

Good to see you up and about Richard. The saying suits you "you can't keep a good man down"...wish the best for you friend.

BJ, it was very nice seeing you on DJ's message board. Thanks for the well wishes!

Get well soon, Richard. You are always my hero!

That is what I was going to post too. Richard you are amazing, you must have nine lives, hope you have eight to go!

Sue, we have always kept a few cats who have needed homes. Maybe that has had this effect on me? Nine lives sounds great! lol

Lathump, many people call me a hero. I guess growing old with diabetes makes younger diabetics feel that way. I have read about people who have been type 1 for more than 80 years. They are my heroes!


Hi Sue, I like kitty cats. We have three of them now, they were strays, and we give them a good life.

I felt so good yesterday, and we went grocery shopping. About 20 minutes into the shopping I felt very weak, and was using the buggy as a walker. My wife worries so much, and I did not tell her how weak I was. She is doing all the driving now, and she put the groceries away at home. I recovered and used my treadmill at a low speed for 30 minutes a few hours later. Exercising is very important to me! I see my doctor on Tuesday and he will tell me if I need physical therapy. I am anxious to get back to my gym workouts. My trainer at the gym is very good, and she will guide me through my recovery.

My motto is Never Give Up!..sounds like that's also yours. Hang in there Richard.

Aw now I feel guilty, as I finish off a bag of potato chips while surfing the net and my treadmill stands idle!