My latest idea for my next Tattoo (Diabetes related, of course)

So I was trying to think what I wanted as my next tattoo. I had decided that I wanted it to be related to diabetes, so I started searching the net for ideas. I think I have it. This is what I am planning for my next tattoo:

It is an artistic rendition of the medic alert symbol with “Type 1 Diabetes” embedded in the cross. The Kanji symbol stand for health (I have to add an Asian element into it considering all my tattoos are Asian based.) Now I just need to see if it can be done on the inside of my wrist and how much it will cost.

I like it - My husband was wanting to get about diabetes for our daughter. He has one - It’s the Marine Bulldog but he wanted something to symbolize her and her courage.


I really like it - it’d be great if the word ‘diabetes’ were a little clearer though somehow (with the snake over the ‘a’ and partially over the top part of the ‘b’ it might not be as clear to people who might really need to know what it says, and fast.

I love the creativity and colours. Be sure to post a photo when you have the tat done too.

Do you have any problems with healing after having a tattoo done?

I love it Chris! Did you draw it, or do you know a talented artist?

I like the concept! It has a lot of detail though for a design for your wrist. The tattoo artist I work under told me that since a lot of people use their hands and arms, detailed tattoos around that area are bad because they have a bigger chance of the lines going over each other. Just something you might want to think about when you get it. But nice indeed :]

Just saw this; very creative!! I never even thought about a diabetes related tat!! Do you have a copyright? Very appealing to me!!