My tattoo idea

I'm getting a tattoo next month and I was hoping to get some opinions on my idea.
So far I know I want ocean waves=ups & downs of sugars/diabetes & I wanted to incorporate maybe a syringe or an insulin vial since thats my life line! and maybe the words "dreaming of a cure" above the art work. Any ideas you guys might have would be very helpful :)

Theonetype :)

P.s its going on the inside of my bicep.

My cousin's boyfriend has a cool japanese tidal wave inked on his chest that's pretty neat?

thanks for the pic!! thats what im looking for diff tidal waves.. I dont know how I would incorporate an insulin vial or syringe to it tho.. hopefully my tattoo artist can come up with something?

sounds like a cool idea - maybe you could have insulin vials/syringes in the crests of the waves...?

Thanks Bec and AR but I changed my mind completely lol, actually this is what I wanted at 1st (then changed my mind to ocean waves) anyway I'm going for a cloud background and the phrase
"dreaming of a cure" with a syringe in the middle? the meaning of clouds is very beautiful it explains it here My appt is next month I will upload the pic as soon as I get it :)

I can't wait to see it! It sounds cool! I used to love staring at clouds when I partied a lot. I guess I still do?

always go w/your gut instinct? lol - the clouds (and meaning) is very cool; look forward to posted pics (i'm hoping to get my medi-alert tattoo within the next couple of weeks!) :)

AR wheres the hat?!?!??? lol. Bec I'm super excited I cant wait :) and good luck with your medi-alert tattoo do you already have a sketch or idea of what your getting?

thanks - there's a really pretty butterfly associated with diabetes research, so I'm getting something similar to that on my wrist, so the wings wrap around to the underside and between them it will read "type 1 insulin dependent diabetic" :D just waiting for my gal to draw it up for me!

I have seen the butterfly! sounds really cool cant wait to see it! :)

So I got my tattoo yesterday came out just like I imgagined it would.. I came up with the idea and my artist sketched it out for me, my blood sugar was in the low 100's the whole time had no issues with that. :)

looks awesome - so glad you are happy with it, it looks great :)

i'm going on wed to get my medi-alert tat - super excited about that!

thank you Bec cant wait to see yours :)