My little Avery

My niece Avery is 4 years old and today I was at her house helping her parents pack up their home to move, way sad, but Avery makes life wonderful.

About a month ago her parents hooked up a little back bike, not sure what it is called, to her mom’s bike and she was so scared to try it, but I finally talked her into it and now she can’t get enough of it. I finally talked her into it that day and she wanted Auntie Karen to do the front bike riding, but I was really messed up that day emotionally and blood sugar nuts, so my sister said no way and Avery and her took off.

Well today I was there packing up the house, and Avery wants us to take a break and she said to her mom, I WANT Auntie Karen to take me for a ride on the bike, I whispered to my sister that I had just bolused and I was afraid to go low, so my sister started to explain to her, and I said wait and I tested and I was 186 :slight_smile: and I said let’s go Avery, and what a blast, as she explained all the rules to me about biking around the block with her cute little Dora the Explorer helmet, what a sweet time we had and I was so glad my bgs was high. :slight_smile:

This is a month ago with her mom, dad and little sister Calin.

She looks so cute with that blue helmit on. I;m glad you were able
to go riding with your niece and hope that after the ride your glucose
went down some. It looks like a beautiful house and yard, why are they
moving ?

That house is their neighbors, but their house is just as beautiful. They are moving, not sure where, as my BIL has not worked since February and neither of them can find work, it is a very stressful time for all of us. :frowning:

awww love it! so happy you got to spend time with her… I feel them on the house situation, it’s a hard time for everyone ((HUGS))