Keep trucking along!

Wow, I can’t believe that it has been over a month since my last post. Things have been going well. Olivia is now only on Novolog and Levemir. We have better control over her blood sugar now. We still have our days of frustration, but it is better. She now receives a shot of insulin at breakfast, lunch, dinner, and bedtime (at bedtime only if she is above 150). Her numbers have been pretty good over the last month and usually she does not receive a bedtime shot. She always asks me at bedtime after I check her blood sugar - “Mommy, no shot?” I love the nights when I can say, “No, no shot”. Then we all clap and cheer and do a little dance. In the last two and a half weeks she has only received one shot at bedtime! That right there is a huge change from our NPH days. NPH is evil!! What has been happening around our household the last month…

  • My husband’s parents have truly stepped up to help with Olivia’s care. For that, I am so greatful. They watch her during the day while we are both at work and they have taken the responsibility of giving her lunch shot of insulin. I now only wish that more of my family will step up to the plate. I think most are scared and most don’t have enough trust within themselves to manage this disease correctly. I have trust in them, but until they get over the fear of doing something wrong, I will continue to be patient. But it would be nice to go out on a date with my husband again!

*Trying to catch up with all my school work has been challenging. The internet has been a little off limits. The school year is going fast and soon it will be summer. Time sure does fly.

*Received a fair share of snow this month - and we have had alot of fun sled riding and playing in the snow. Olivia loves to sled ride. I admit, it makes me a bit nervous because she tends to go low during high activity. Our last experience sled riding I decided to check her an hour early just to see if she was okay and low and behold - a 41 displayed on her meter. We couldn’t get hot chocolate fast enough. We settled for a juice box. It is scary because she wasn’t acting any different. She was just being a kid having fun! It’s amazing that she could dip so low soon after lunch. Live and learn. I guess the lesson would be more checking during activity.

*Olivia's big sister turned seven years old on March 5th.

*Yearly pictures of both the girls together were taken this past month. I still remember the day that I picked out those shirts. Olivia was just born and Gwen was four years old. I always look into the future when I shop. LOL!

*My sister (Aunt Gina) and I have spent alot of time picking out fabric and designing Olivia's diabetes quilt for the "Quilt for Love" display at Washington D.C.

*Greg Biffle - Nascar #16 has been kicking some butt this racing season and is currently in second place. Knock on wood - I hope he continues to do well. It sure makes watching the races more enjoyable!

Breaks my heart to see what Olivia has to deal with, but it sounds like things are going better for you all. You are a great mom and Olivia is a special beautiful girl. Praying there is a cure in her lifetime. NPH is evil and should not be introduced at all to new diabetics