My Mother

Yesterday was a very long day, which it usually is on the days, Mom goes for her Iron Infusion.

It is long only because of the miles I have to drive. I live one place, my grandson lives what adds up to about a 45 minute drive there, and then almost an hour from there to my Mom’s house. Then from her house to the clinic. She is usually there for about 3 and half hours. We come back to my house for that time to keep the baby from being out so much.

We pick her up when she is done then we go visit with them for a while, then back to my house to cook supper for my husband then it is time to go meet his mom, which usually takes an hour there and back. Such a long day.

Yesterday was worse because my granddaughter’s mom called and said the doctor said Bridget needed a cool mist humidifier. Bridget has had asthma since she was less than a year old. She is 7 now. We have nebulizers everywhere, inhalers, medicine. She is so healthy sometimes, one forgets what can happen when an attack occurs or she catches a cold. So on to the miles that was another 2 hours I had to drive there. Thank goodness, she lives close by where my daughter works, so I timed that trip to meet up with her.

Boy was I tired last night. To top it off, I forgot my blood pressure pill yesterday morning, so I had a banger of a headache when I finally got home.

This all makes not much sense, that is because that is how I feel. I really need to start back on the Lexapro. To calm my disorderly mind and life back down.

I am writing disjointedly again. And I can see.

Well time to go again. Not so bad today.