My long weekend

hi all! so far my long weekend has been pretty good. i did have to work today but had yesterday and tomorrow off! yesterday we did “mother’s day” at my house. my parents came over and we went to my grandson’s lacrosse game. then they came back to my house for lunch. later in the afternoon, my daughter dropped the kids off because her and her husband had to visit his mom in the hospital. she is waiting on treatment for lung cancer, so our prayers go out to her. we had a really nice visit with my parents. the weather was perfect, and we had a great bbq. this was the first time my parents had seen my pump, so i was excited about showing it to them. my mom was the one that did everything for me when i was first diagnosed, and since we were celebrating mother’s day, i decided to tell her how much i appreciate everything she did way back then. it’s too bad my sister couldn’t be here this weekend, but she will be here for fathers day. hopefully the pool will be nice and warm by then and we can all enjoy a swim!