Momday Monday

Woke up to a chilly misty November morning, birds chating away no idea if they can see one another in the fog and mist but chating away they are.( Hi Robin chilly night wife made me pop out for more twiggs to make the nest warmer brrrrrrr)

Something about early morning especially when it is is very misty (foggy) I remember the 60s walking to school hardly being able to see one hand in front of the other seldom we get fog like that these days where we live is in a bit of a dip so we tend to get a lot of ground mist the I ronbridge is only a mile away and it is very impressive stood against the fog and mist rising from the severn river.

Blood sugar/glucose reading 10.8mmol/L not good the 4 heroes chocolates in bed last night did not help, have to take my morning medication all 10 tablets then insulin with my breakfast hope I remember to do all that, effects from the swine flu jab seem to have gone stopped sneezzzzzing and slight runny nose has gone arm stopped aching so fingers crossed all ok.

Wife just driven off to work so it is going to be a long lonely day until she arrives back home, see saw all the grand children over the weekend always feel better seeing them new beby doing fine knows where the food is kept now babies have automatic radar when it comes to feeding time.

7.45am fog and mist slowly disapearing now birds still singing cat been fed she has retired upstairs and is cleaning herself in her favourite place under the radiator so she is ok for the day, me have to see what the day brings that is the best about being alive you never know what is coming next