My Mother

I now in some of my earlier posts I came across hard on my mother. I have to say things are improving, some on her end and some on mine. Even though my mother and I can and will find something to fight about and are to much alike for our own good I do have many things to thank her for. She has taught me to be a fighter. I have watched this women not only live with diabetes, but have watched her beat breast cancer, I have watched her struggle with MD, her doctor keeps telling her she needs to be in a wheelchair and she refuses to go that route till she can't walk. I have watched her keep a family together while my father was away on business half the time.

Do I think my mother could take better care of herself yes, but giving all the cards that have been dealt to her over the years I thin she is doing better then most would. I am amazed that she is expressing interest in the pump, don't know if she will follow through but she is interested in all the material I have been getting.

Thanks to diabetes, we now have something to talk about that doesn't lead to a fight. It has brought some understanding between us. I can say that knowing about an illness is much different then living with it. We do have to watch what we say, we have a rule about not telling the other how to take care of their diabetes. She has helped me in many ways deal with diabetes, be it sending extra supplies my way, or most of all giving me someone I can talk to that actually knows and understands what I am going through. My friends and family well caring and understanding sometimes don't get that when I say I need to eat soon it means hey my sugar is dropping.

I honestly can say in many ways because of her I am prepared to handle my new life.

Hands that have held other peoples hands as they died and that held even tighter to those of the people who loved them.My mother’s hands…
These are the hands that held me up high higher and higher till I touched the sky
praise her
serve her
love her
it is said paradise is under her feet

My mother and I are both diabetics just like you and your mother. My mother and I have a very tumultuous relationship for several reasons that I won't go through here.

Let me tell you something...If family is not serving your best interest than leave them alone and find people that will care for you. I have stopped trying to be the apple of everybody's eye just to please folks. Ultimately it was me that went home sad and these so called family members never called to ask how I was doing.

I would try to talk to my mother about her diabetes because I knew my sisters won't do it. She tries to duck the truth that her numbers are always over 300. I am glad you are able to have a common ground with your mother.

Oh my mother and I have butted heads for years. It has been since I was around 25 that my family and I have started to come to terms. I still have many friends who are more family then my kin

So nice to know I wasn't the only one butting heads with a parent b/c we were too much alike. Your words are so encouriging. For quite awhile I blamed myself when my 11 year old took Type 1 like her mom. after years of blaming myself for her condition one day. after the birth of my 3rd g-baby, and told me "It's wasn't your fault mama b/c I got diabetes" Your mom might be blaming herself b/c you've got diabetes" Now those were the BEST words to a mother's heart!!! Finally I was able to let go of the feeling I had "gave" it too her! Just saying she might be doing that to herself. I don't know your family nor your mother but I do know that she's a fighter and you get that from her! Tell her THANK YOU from us!!!

I am glad to read that you and your Mother have found something to improve your relationship. My Mother was not a Diabetic and she would have no part of mine. She would not even stay in the same room when I was testing. We had many battles over the years. My mother passed the end of April this year and there is so much about our relationship that I will never understand. Despite all of our problems we had good parts of our relationship too. I miss her very much. Continue to build on your common ground of Diabetes and hopefully it will lead to improvements in other areas as well too. Best of luck to you. I am sure it will not always be easy, but in the long run you will gain and she will too.

Your message touched me. My mother and I love each other but we are both fiercely independent and she refuses to learn anything about diabetes. I have told her once, I have told her a thousand times, when I am hypo I need to eat NOW!!! not in an hours time and I do NOT need insulin then! She still does not get it! And when I am high, during an infection or something, then she will say that I need to eat!

But she too has not had the easiest of lives, some of it self inflicted, others not so. I am the only one here for her now - my sister fell out with her 6 or 7 years ago over her drinking and has moved to America. She did not have an easy childhood, being a victim of Stalin's regime and coming to live in England without her mother at the age of 15 ........... so perhaps I should be a bit more gentle with her! Thanks for the timely reminder! Bless you and I hope you will both continue to grow closer.