World Diabetes Day with My Mom

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Diabetes awareness month is still in full swing and since my Mother came to visit me during World Diabetes Day I thought I would interview her. Everybody asks how we as diabetics feel about our disease but what about our Moms?

Loved the video with your Mom. You're both Wonderful. She and your Dad did a Great job raising you. You are a mature and refined young Lady. I see where you get your sense of humour also. :D
Your vlob was breath-taking....or was it you? I am surprised and pleased that you own it so soon. With most People it takes years. Yes, I remember that first shot Very clearly. I was 3. I hated it and I cried. :P
Wishing you a Long Life with loads of Success and Happiness. Don't lose your Smiles and humour. ;-)
(Sweet doggie :) )