My oldest son is ready to start looking for a pump and I had some questions

Now that Mikey is ready for the pump (finally, Owen has to wait for another 4 months or so ) I have been looking into the Omnipod. I sent off for the sample to see if he would leave it alone. I didnt relize it was going to be so heavy. Mikey only weighs about 40 lbs and it seems like it might be a little to big. And on the second night of the sample being on I put him in the bath and it came right off. is the glue not as good on the samples or is this a problem with these pods. I would appreciate any info or help.


The same thing happens to me when i take a bath or go swimming or anything. i don’t suggest the omnipod for little people. I’m 20 years old but i only weigh 110 and it hurts me when i run with it because i am nothing but muscle. It also gets ripped off really easy…so i wouldn’t recommend it for little boys who wrestle around. I hope i helped you :slight_smile:

Coming off in the bath is definitely not the norm. I’ve worn pods in the bath, shower, swimming pool, at the beach, even playing softball and racquetball every week. It is designed for those kinds of activities; my trainer even told me about one of his patients who does SCUBA diving with the pods on!
There are some people, however, whose skin type or other aspects of their physiology make the adhesion more problematic than normal. I’ve read that various products like Skin Tac or IV Prep help some people.
One thing to ask: when you put the pod on your son, where was it placed and how did you prep the site? Did you use alcohol to clean the area and let it dry completely? Did you place it in an area where he has some fatty tissue (not on a muscular spot)?
Hope this helps; obviously you need to have confidence in the choice of pump, but I am a strong believer that OmniPod is a very good solution in general. But there are always some people who are better off with certain treatments than other.

I just started with the Omnipod 2 weeks ago…after my rep. gave me a few pods to trial. I fell in love with it. Anyway, I’m a super active person…swimming, cycling, and running 6 days out of the week. I use the “heavy duty, your pod is going nowhere”, adhesive called Mastisol to keep it on. Everyone is different. Eric is right…it’s all in the prep of the site. This is a small price to pay for my love of this pump…in other words…it wasn’t a deal breaker for me. As far as it flopping around…if I have it on my arm and I’m going out for a run, I will use a self-adherent wrap which is like an ACE bandage that sticks to itself. I’m not sure what I would do if it flopped around on my abdomen…I never really feel it.

It takes the top layer of hide off if I don’t soak it in hot water before I change it.

I’m in my upper 40’s & have been taking insulin since 3 1/2 i have been on the pod for less than 6 mnts! I WILL NEVER GO BACK!!! I am in & out of the car 60 times a day. at least 2 showes a day! Only knocked one off & one pod the would not connect with the pump! I found that if you wipe the skin with a prep pad & let it dry before applying the pod it will stay hooked up! I have never lost a pod since! I also took a pair of pantie hose cut it about 4" longer than the pod. Just as a saftey net.I have not used them in a long time! Good luck! Please let me know if I can help! Don’t know much, I’m simple, & got a ton of common scence!

My son is 5 years old and he has been on the OmniPod for 6 months or so. We have really liked it. He doesn’t have tubing and the pod is concealed under his clothes so it doesn’t get caught on something as he runs around. I’ve found the adhesive to work very well. Alex takes baths and swims in his pod and we haven’t had an issue. We stick it mainly to his back abdomen, with the occasional back or upper leg placement. I do have one question on the pod in regards to insulin “stacking”. I am posting a question to the group to see if anyone else has the issue. All in all, for a 5 year old, it’s great.