Starting to Pump

After almost 6 years of MDI, Alex will be starting the Omnipod at the end of May. We are very excited and also very anxious about this. I hope the Omnipod was the right decision

Hi beth, i think you will be happy with omnipod a little adjustment but 1 year in we are happy i'm cooking dinner now but maybe i can share more about our experience later! best of luck, i will check in with you later! amy

Whichever pump your son and you choose is the right pump for you. They all have slightly different bells and whistles but they all do the job. There is an adjustment period during which blood sugars may be high, so keep in close contact with your endo team. I'm sure you can get lots of help from the forums here... There must be an Omni Pod forum. Good luck. I'm sure your son will be very happy with his choice.

I hope you and your son love it. There is definitely an adjustment period! We had a really rough start on the pump, but we having been pumping for years now and LOVE it. Good luck.

Thanks for the words of encouragement. I seem to be having more anxiety the closer the date to start the pump. I know it is the best decision for the long term. He currently attends the YMCA summer camp and just last year was able to go along on the field trips because he started giving his own injections with his pen. I now worry about the field trips when he may have pump failures/occlusions/pods getting knocked off. With injections, he could handle things himself with phone guidance from me.

hi beth, thanks for the friend invite? how old is your little guy now, he is adorable! the biggest issue i guess when starting the omnipod was jacob just being aware of it, he bumped it off a few times during play and jumping in the pool, swimming is fine just jumping in not so good. but since the adjustment period none of these are issues. the best sites that jacob likes are belly strong best, above the waitline both sides, arms are a distant seconds, more jiggling, we will try legs again, with bathing suit season for my self concious boy, he had a few occlusions on his legs before. the overall adjustement went pretty well because like you we had a few years under our belts and that comfort level was there, i think some people start to soon and they are honeymooning and pumping but anyways.. the other issue we have had is highs after pod changes which we give a bolus for after with no food, we did not have the problem right off the bat as i recall but it you do i can help you with that, overall we are happy, but the level of concern is a bit different, more programming options and no shots yeahh!! but more worries about DKA... the pod change hurts a bit to be honest, i wont lie but once it is done it is done and no injections for 3 days! i'm sure you will do great, one piece of advise is if you like your omnipod trainor stay in touch or at least keep their card, they are better with product advise than endo, in our situation anyways, also ominipod service is good they are great for backing up the product and general stuff, but dont rely on them for "medical information" we have much more practical experience than them. ok that all spilled out hopefully it is helpful, i find attitude is everything, you already have good skills and i'm sure alex is excited about this, make it "fun" and he will do well, it you get stressed or need help ask! ( how far up in maine do you live we are almost neighbors living in mass) best of luck amy

Thanks Amy - Alex is now eleven. We are in the Bangor area and yes I noticed we are almost neighbors :)!