My Ozempic Experience

I found out that I was heading towards Type 2 back in 2016. I was first put on Metformin which made little difference, especially in my post-meal readings. My A1C continued to climb and I found out that I was over 8 which scared me quite bad. My endo added Jardiance, which helped quite a bit, but still wasn’t bringing my numbers down where I’d like them to be. A few months ago, we decided to add Ozempic. It’s been a mixed blessing of sorts.

I started with the .25 dose, once weekly, for the first month. Immediately, I had waves of naseau, mild diarreha and occasional cramping. About 3 days in, I ate a carb-heavy meal one evening and spent the next two days with incredibly bad diarreha, cramps, and a general feeling that I had an intestinal virus. No vomiting though. Immediately, I noticed my numbers were improving dramatically. Many times, falling below 100 post-meal which I had not see in years. I also, pretty rapidly, lost 15 pounds and have maintained that weight loss. I gained 95 lbs over 10 years and truly believe this is where the Type 2 started. My hope is major weight loss will reverse or put it into remission.
Last week, I upped the dosage to the .5 weekly and have experienced all of the above symptoms over again. It’s really tough to have near constant diarreha and other GI issues. If not for the dramatic blood sugar results, I would have long tossed this into the trash. Along with the Metformin and Jardiance, things are changing for the positive but I don’t know how long I can handle the GI issues.

I’d love to hear others experience with this medication.

  • James

I used ozempic for about six months before telling my doctor I couldn’t stand it anymore. I would have one or two days a week of severe vomiting plus the nausea for a couple of more days. I couldn’t leave the house because it seemed I was sick all the time. I am currently taking the lowest dose of janumet and following the GI diet. My latest A1C was 6.3, a real win.

Have you considered trying a different medication? Trulicity being another one? They also mentioned not eating fried food. Changing to a different medication might be your best option. Nancy50

Thanks for posting your experience James. It makes you wonder if the weight loss is from all the nausea and lack of food or the drug itself??? I don’t lose weight easily, even without much food. Metformin helps with that. I want to try Ozempic and have a sample but am so afraid of feeling bad. With the once a week, those symptoms aren’t gonna go away quickly! But, they say it’s supposed to be less than the daily drugs like Victoza. I hope you get used to it and it works well for you. Good luck.

Sometimes the cure is worse than the disease but usually not, its worth a try.

Isn’t that the truth!

I just started ozempic, and after 2 doses I am having no adverse affects… my doctor started me on .5 dose… my numbers have been great , I was also put on xigduo

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I’ve been taking Ozempic (instead of Victoza) since September, including the 3-month run-up. Sometimes all right, sometimes (when I sin with carbohydrates) with gastrointestinal symptoms too disgusting to discuss.

When talking to my endo a few weeks ago, I found myself talking like the Woody Guthrie song:

“They thought that they could hold out, but they didn’t know how long.”


ive taken 2 doses so far
and glad to say im having
0 issues

I’m curious what your experience has been with healthy carbs like whole grains and beans. Do those increase side effects also?

I am tidx65yrs and struggle with good control. I have been researching meds, decided to try Ozempic. I really appreciate hearing from you which gives me a lot of insight. Good luck to you!

I’ve been taking Ozempic every week since late August. I started out at .25 for 4 weeks. I experienced very mild nausea. Then I moved to .50 and have been there every since. Now I experience extreme GI issues. I’ve been able to eliminate my morning insulin but I’m leery of leaving the house. Thanks to the pandemic, I’m home more now. I’m not sure how I would handle this otherwise. I’m considering stopping but will wait until my next endo appointment to decide.

I take trulicity,have had no issues. Sorry you are having issues. Does what you eat make any difference? I can’t eat anything with fat in it with the metformin, or I get sick. Hope things improve. Nancy50

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I have read that diet changes help but staying hydrated also is important. So I’ve increased my water intake which was probably needed anyway.

Oh my god where do I begin. Ozempic almost killed me. I was on metformin then since it wasn’t working making me sick I was put on Bydureon BCise which worked wonders. A1C was near normal, then my endocrinologist decided he didn’t like that it went from 8.0 to 7.0 and put me on ozempic full dosage right away. I was throwing up, I couldn’t eat, poop, pee after first shot and my numbers were 600 plus which never happened before. I told him it was making me sick he said no your fine and continue after so many dosages it landed me in the hospital as I couldn’t move because it was doing so much damage to my body. Blood work showed I was almost in multiple organ failure and I almost needed multiple surgeries to live but I removed myself off of it. I ended up 1 surgery to remove gallbladder that was severely diseased. I had to have so many IVs and other medicine to get me to pee and poop again. After 5 months I was able to fully use the bathroom without assistance and eat without feeling sick. I cried I felt scared to take any medicine because took a year to get sugar back down and feel normal again. I now work take my Bydureon and exercise and my sugars and a1c now semi normal but ozempic almost killed me.