My pod failed to do the two beeps

Being on the pod since last Tuesday I didn’t expect my Third pod not to do the Two beeps. When I called omnipod they asked me if I had a old deactivate pod in the same room. and of course I did since I had just took off the old pod. they said sometimes if you have a old deactivated pod in the same room the new pod will not beep. Any one here of this before? Sound far fetched to me but I am new to this pod thing. They said they would send another pod out with the next shipment and did not mention keeping the pod that messed up.

My trainer told me that a deactivated pod should be far away (i.e., out of range) from the PDM when activating a new pod.

My endo told me recently that some Insulet reps met with their staff to discuss some new findings about pods - one was exactly that - that having the deactivted pod within range if the device can cause communication errors. Another was that occlusions had a greater rate of incidence in the arms and legs than elsewhere on the body. The only other one I remember was to leave the new pod completely still and flat during priming.

I am almost always still wearing the deactivated pod when I fill and activate the new one and have only had one problem in the 6 months I’ve been on the pod. If I read your post right you’re talking about the two beeps while you are filling the pod which is before it’s even communicating with the PDM. There is no reason EVER that a pod shouldn’t beep during filling. The only reasons are 1) the pod speakers are damaged, 2) the fill sensor is damaged, 3) the insulin reservoir is damaged. ALL of these are dangerous problems and you should NOT use a pod that does not beep during filling. I have had this problem of a pod not beeping during filling once and when I called Insulet they verified I should not use it and shipped me a new pod right away. If it was some other beeping that did not occur then I apologize for the passionate response but you should NEVER use a pod that does not beep when filling.

Since April 21 of 2009, I always had the old deactivated pod on me or in the same room while refilling the new one, and I haven’t had any problems. The new pod always beeps twice.

As a matter of fact, that happened to me last night as I put on a new pod. The new one didn’t beep. I removed the insulin and did it again, NOTHING!.. I’ve changed pods before and this never happened . I had to take another one and this time it worked…MAKE SENSE ? NOT TO ME. I saved the “broken” pod and will call Insulet today. We are traveling for 2 months so cannot send it back if they want it now… How appropriate this post was for me…Thanks Sam

I always have the deactivated pod right next to me when I change pods.

I did have one pod that did not give the two beeps. I just thought I did not hear it and continued to activate and use the pod. The pod worked fine but never beeped for any situation. I knew it was working since I could hear the pod clicking as it pumped. It was a little weird but worked. In hindsight I probably should not have used it since I would never had heard if it failed.

We haven’t had this happen. Actually our nurse instructed us to leave the old pod on for an hour in case there is still insulin running through the canala. Does everyone just take their pod off immediately?

There has been many many times when I’m still wearing the old de-activated pod (waiting for the desolver to make removal effortless) while filling and priming the new pod. I haven’t had a problem since starting podding in January of this year. I have also forgotten to prime prior to placing the pod on my body and have had no problem with priming while the pod is on site.Perhaps I’ve just been fortunate. This has happened, I believe, 3 times. In any event, my de-activated pod is nearly always very close by; and I’ve never had a problem.

Depending on where I am (and where the pods are) I will often leave the old pod on for a couple of hours until it’s convenient to spend the 3-5 minutes it takes for me to rip the things off me (they stick real well). Sometimes I’ll take an old pod off while I’m waiting for the new one to prime but I have found that usually the site does better if I give it at least a half hour between the last insulin delivery and removal. Just makes sense to me.

Rebecca…I’ve found that I can remove that old pod with the greatest of ease with the help of Uni-solve Adhedsive Remover Wipes. They’re individually packaged like those alchohol wipes…easy to carry on trips. Here’s the link for purchase…

Rebeca you can use baby oil too. Just apply it around the pod with a cotton, let it stand for a few minutes an the pod will come off easy.

I actually have some medi-sol wipes that are easy to carry too but they always make me feel greasy afterwards. I prefer just slowing ripping it off and taking the couple of minutes most of the time. If I have to remove a pod early for some reason then I use the wipes but I really do hate the greasy feel.

Thanks for this tip as well. I don’t like the greasy feel the wipes leave and will try baby oil next time. :slight_smile:

weird, i’ve had old (deactivated) pods right next to the new one and i’ve only had the no-beep issue once. i concluded it was a bum pod and used a new one.

I had another on do it today insulit said the pod was bad and they would send another one out