Time to Walk the Walk!

I have been preaching patience and understanding for days now (;particularly on Maia’s last post about a bunch of “bad” pods lately)…well, now its time for me to walk the TALK! I knew my pod was supposed to expire last night at 9:30, but I wanted to turn in early last night, so at 9:00 I just started the change process. Much to my 'aggravation", when I filled the new pod (before prime) no double beep. So, OK, just trash that one and take out a new one and try again. This one seemed to be fine, until I was lying down an hour later, and that insipid “beeeeep” that doesnt stop woke me and let me know I had to change it again! This time, I got to the fill step and just after I filled the pod I got the same, long, aggrafvating “beeeeeeeeep” that would not stop. OK, trash that one (actually, drop it in the freezer to kill it overnight, I will just call Insulet tomorrow)…next pod, get to the fill step, and ONCE AGAIN, long insipid “beeeeeeeeep” so, into the freezer with that one as well. So, I now had a stack of FOUR pods in the freezer, looked like a bunch of beef patties I bought at the farmer’s market. I would never sleep if I had to just leave them threre, so I called Insulet, and of course, it was past hours, so I lelt a message with the answering service, changed my pod ONCE AGAIN and finally went to sleep around 2 am. Funny how it works that way, huh?

Past hours? Is that a new thing? I know I reported a bad pod at about midnight on Christmas and there was someone there . . . that doesn’t seem like a good sign that they don’t have anyone there anymore.

Yhea, Natasha, this is the second time I have called after 6pm EDT, and they have a courteous 'answering service", and they do take a detailed message, usually I get called the next day before noon EDT, and the rep seems to have all the details of my situation. I cant really complain about that, after all, everybody needs a little time off, especially if the job they do involves listening to complaints all day!

Gee, I too, up to this point in time, have never had pod problems. However, I’ve only been on Omnipod for about 3 months.

Talk to me about the freezer thing?

Hey Ron, the Freezer Thing is something you will encounter at some point, if you havent already experienced a pod that “wont shut up”, it is an error beep that just wont stop. It basicallly just means that the pod has just died, and the only way I know how to kill the beep is to just throw the thing in the freezer. INsulet says therre is a way to stop the beeping by shoving a paper clip into the tiny hole at the “top” of the pod, but I just cant seem to make that work. ONe will feel inclined to just crush the thing with a sledgehammer, or if you are more on the violent side, you could place the pod in your driveway and run it over. depends upon your situaltion, your attitude at the moment, and whetther or not you are just tired and want to get rid of the sound and the pod! HOpefully this wont happen soon and I hope you are having a good pod experience so far! good luick and PEACE.

Okay, keeping fingers crossed this doesn’t spread.

So sorry you went through that. We had some Pods several months ago that beeped upon filling and were giving the advice to leave it in the plastic tray. I have done that since, haven’t had a problem, though not exactly convinced that was the solution. :wink:

Hope you can nap today. :slight_smile:

OH YEAH! I will be asleep in a puddle of drool (sorry to be so graphic) in about 30 minutes!


and oops - given*

Sorry I passed my bad luck on to you!
I don’t need to tell you that I know the feeling.
You know that bad box of pods that weren’t alarming?
Well, they started alarming all right. I had a night that went a lot like your last night!
Slept through my physical therapy this morning because of it, too!

Sorry to hear it Maia! Lets both just sleep the day away today! We deserve it!

Maia -

I feel compelled to ask what the lot number was on the box of pods that (now) has driven you crazy…my (all 5 pods) were lot # L30310. Are these things running rampant?

Exactly where is this hole?

Wow Steve, I just used up a box with the same lot number, and ahd absoultely no probelms. I did notice that with my last pod i used, that the standard 2 beep fill indicator was very late, compared to usual.

Thank You, Powellman! Glad you had no problems…you must be lucky. At least when it comes to pods with that Lot number!

If you hold the pod (like a teardrop) with “pointy” side up, and adhesive toward you, and fold the adhesive back on itself, down toward the bottom is the sound mechanism ( a small round spot, (looks like a tny speaker) …to the right is a tiny hole, which provides access to the individual pod’s battery encasing, as I mentioned, I have never had luck shutting the pod up this way…but others have acknowledged Inusulets position that this is the best way to kill a screaming pod.

I don’t bother with the freezer thing. I just take a pair of pliers, pull off the top of the pod and take the batteries out.

nIce and destructive! Do you growl while you do this? I Would! (grrrrrrrr)

all SEVEN of my psycho-pods were from a different lot than yours,
No. L30364
thankfully I’ve depleted that box (pretty swiftly, I might add…) and started on a new one, My first pod from a different lot seems to be working quite well!

LOL – my husband and daughter actually did crush a pod we couldn’t silence with a sledgehammer!! She enjoyed the chance to really GIVE it to diabetes :wink:

Sorry that happened! God, being diabetic is annoying sometimes. We should get free lattes for our troubles or something. Or maybe extra hours to sleep sometimes, I don’t know.