My poem Deflated


Very nice as always :grinning:

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What can I say—me, too…Beautifully said. We do what we need to do. We do it for everybody else first and maybe get around to doing something for ourselves…Hang in there sweetie. I am rooting for you. By all means, let those happy children sustain you.

My grandsons do that for me, one about to be official, though he will always be a part of our lives now, no matter how adoption goes!



Thank you.
Comments like yours keep me wanting to write.
I sometimes think my words are to full of emotion and truth so make ppl feel at unease.

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Omg his so precious.
I would love to adopt one day in the future, children really are what matters on this planet.
Thank you for your lovely pictures really made my day.:kiss::kiss:

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