My proclamation concerning cinnamon!

Where’s the insulin in all this? It sounds like regardless of the cinnamon, vinegar (I tried this too, I think it may have worked but I didn’t take notes…) and other things, it seems like if your BG is running up to the 200s a lot, it might be worth it to adjust your carb-insulin ratio? I agree with the sentiment that 2 sandwiches is a lot too. I am like 5’11" and about 180 lbs and eat 1 piece of toast for breakfast and one for lunch. And some other stuff, I’m not wasting away is my point!

Oh Doris…sorry to hear of this.

My husband left me an article to read from the newspaper about a woman who was 300 lb, she lost 130 lb leaving her at 170, she went on to say she conquerored diabetes. Well, when you are still 170 and you have no diabetes then you dont have the genetic malfunction that most of us carry. Your blessed, your weight falls off and your health increases, and you lose the diabetes. I am 127lb presently, I was 121 lb when my last doctor told me if I dropped to 116 I would not have diabetes, he was wrong. I maintained that weight for quite sometime and it didnt matter. Why my husband left me that article to read is a mystery to me. I know he cares and is tryng to encourage me, but it didnt. Its not easy for any of us, its a true life changing matter or else…

Are you using insulin? Noticed on your page that you were diagnosed T1/LADA in 2000. You mention Metformin & that’s mostly a T2 med.

There are OTC insulin brands, but they’re not rapid acting.


Hey acidrock23

Thanks for your reply, and yes…I need not waste away…feels just like that though for the moment, the bricks are piled up heavy, its been a long month. Where is the inulin? ya, I asked my doctor this 3 months ago while my sugar was high again, he said that the Victoza was working presently and he would provide it for me until my next vist, well thats on the 14 of September. So I wait for the moment. I dont know what the next move is. The only reason the Victoza worked was because I existed on a very limited amount of food. I’m grabbing for straws.

Hey Gerri

No insulin presently. Zippo. I never wanted to be put on it and I think my doctor has some reservations about it as well when it comes to me. I wont know nothing until the 14th of this month. I purchased a A1C monitor tonight and it read 9, opposed to 7 my last visit, its a mess right now. More than likely I have been living with these numbers for over 15 years from a hospital visit that nearly killed me back in 1990, it wasnt over diabetes though. Its a very long story, I think in my original post when joining I told of this story. You know Gerri, since I have been on Victoza I have had no drop outs, no fall outs, how I hate them, they come fast and well, I lose it before I even know whats going on. Those sugar tablets just dont cut it. I still am very out of it when I eat those. With the insulin, those drop outs will return, that scares the life out of me. I have witnessed this with two friends and their new beginnings on insulin.


You said it, my husband claims this often with me. My brother states…Sherri, if you didnt have bad luck you would have no luck at all. HA!

so you are T1 and the doc isn’t giving you insulin? I would give him what David Freese just gave that ball! Or Josh Hamilton hit the next one.

Are you T1? Doesn’t seem you could be since you haven’t used insulin for 11 years since diagnosis. Is your doctor an endo? Understand his caution if you’re prone to hypoglycemia. You must drop rapidly.

Sorry, I missed your initial post when you joined. So many discussions here. I’ll find it.

Do you know what caused your lows? Metformin? I hate lows also. We all do. Horrible feeling! Insulin lows can be minimized with careful dosing with carb counting, but always still a possibilty. Hoping you can get Victoza again.

I was revisiting second grade and saying “jinx” b/c Gerri said what I said when I said it!


I remember jinx–lol! Hadn’t thought about that in ages:)

I was 275 lbs and am about 180 now and still have plenty of diabetes! I like insulin a lot! I am still very clueless about LADA/ T1.5, etc. and how people on these boards seem to know they have them but get blown off by their doctors or an aversion to insulin gets into their chart and then gets in the way of what, to me, seems like the next, logical step. I still remember how much better I felt when I got “cured” in high school as, at 5’11", I’d dropped from 150 lbs to maybe 120 and was quite a mess!

BSC and another member, Lil Mama have really good threads about their experiences in what seems to be similar situations, they were testing their BG noting it going up and their doctors were like “well, I’ll see you in 6 months” so they took matters into their own hands! LM exercised for 30-60 minutes after every meal and BSC went out and got some insulin and fixed his BG himself. Those are the ones I noticed but there might be other threads floating around too?

Holy cow! Four pieces of bread?

I don’t take cinnamon capsules, but I use a whole teaspoon of cinnamon in my low carb flaxseed meal muffin every day. I don’t see that it affects my blood sugar, but it sure tastes good.

I urge you to forget about the cinnamon as a BG improver and also forget about eating "4 pieces of bread (rye) and 4 slices of ham and cheese loaf."

179 is still way too high for comfort for me. Cutting back on those slices of bread will do far more for your health than a bucketload of cinnamon. Please consider both of these: Test, Review, Adjust and Cinnamon, Spices, Herbs and Similar.

Cheers, Alan, T2, Australia
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Yeah, I agree with Alan S and AcidRock. If your BGs are that high, you should be on insulin, not oral medications. You’re still WAY too high. If you are a confirmed type 1 (either a regular ol’ T1 or LADA, with antibodies), insulin is what you need because your pancreas cannot make enough to cover what you’re eating. Victoza is only for T2s, NOT type 1s. In fact, this medication can be potentially dangerous for a T1 because of potential kidney damage.

If your current endo is not willing to prescribe insulin or wants to take a “wait and see” approach, I urge you to find another endo. Every time your BG goes up like that, you’re causing some serious damage to your body.

Umm, actually Byetta and Victoza have been studied as insulin, but not only in a basal insulin/GLP-1 regime.

I agree with the others, MyBustedPancreas said it so well. Insulin takes a little work, but the reward is that you approach a normal life with normal blood sugars. Please consider changing endos if your current one won’t give you the correct treatment for Type 1.


Sorry to be blunt here but you are really not doing yourself any favours by eating so many carbs. It’s clear from your dangerously high blood sugars that you are eating more carbs than your body can tolerate. Trying to then ‘fix’ these dangerously high blood sugars with a cinnamon pill is like trying to wipe up the ocean with a piece of Kleenex.

A diabetes-friendly diet does not have to mean deprivation or misery or starvation. Eat to your meter. At the moment, pregnancy is making me insanely insulin-resistant and I cannot tolerate any carb in the morning. Zero. So here’s what I have been eating for breakfast this week: avocadoes with swiss cheese and smoked ham, bacon and spicy shrimp omelette, Bavarian weisswurst sausages, sliced chicken with lettuce and tomatoes, and even, the other day, a bacon double cheeseburger with the bun thrown away. All of this food is tasty, filling, and most importantly, gives me post-meal blood sugars of about 100.

That mini-sized box of cereal you had was obviously too much carbs for you. I know those mini boxes, they look like such a tiny portion but actually contain 40-50grams of carb per box which is a lot for that time of the day when most of us are most insulin resistant. I’m not saying don’t eat it - but if you must have it, have it later in the day when it’s likely to spike you a little less.

Every minute you walk around with high blood sugars, you are slowly killing yourself. And high means over 140.

Cinnamon is going to do zilch if you continue poisoning your body with carbs that it cannot handle.

Yowza. Let me see if I have this story right.

You were diagnosed with diabetes in 2000 and at some point after that were confirmed as being LADA.

You have not used insulin and have been using metformin and glyburide

Lately you used Victoza, but only samples from the dr, it worked ok

You have been able to keep things “ok” for a decade, but have had to resort to a very low carb steak and salad diet with meds to maintain blood sugar control

Lately, if you eat carbs, your blood sugar is going way to high. 4 slices of bread left you in the 300s and you did not come right down

And your blood sugar control (based on your A1c) has really deteriorated.

Is this right?

If this is the case, you need to get your mind around the situation. You have to make a transition to insulin, and it is in your best interest to make that move soon. Many beleive that early use of insulin can keep your remaining beta cells going, and this is a big advantage as it will make your blood sugar control a lot easier. If you wait around for months with high blood sugars you will not only start to increase your risk of complications, the high blood sugars actually poison your remaining beta cells.

So please do some self exploration. Do some hard thinking. Get your head around insulin. This is your life and health. We may imagine using a needle is terrible, but in hindsight, almost everyone here will tell you that you very quickly get over it. For me, testing my blood sugar hurts more. And you should not fear hypos, you should fear complications. So please, think about it and get clear about your priorities. I know you will choose right.

You can read about my experiences starting insulin, I chose to advocate for myself and make my own choices. I did not want to end up with high blood sugars for a long time before my doctors bothered to act. I recommend you be your own advocate. Get an endo if you don’t have one. Be clear and insistent about your health and ask (or demand) for insulin as an appropriate treatment [1].

[1] If your doctor questions the appropriateness of insulin, bring this guidance from the American Association of Clinical Endochronologists which says that if your A1c is 9% and you are already under treatment you should move to treatment with insulin.

ps. And I recommend you avoid the double pastrami sandwich on rye until you start insulin. Once you start insulin, you can choose to count the carbs and bolus and it will be ok.

Thank you Alen,

This is my goal indeed.