My pump by my side....smells like...sweat. Any suggestions?

I am a 38yo female, and usually keep my pump hidden in my bra. I know there must be some of you out there who keep your pump in your bra, too.'s next to my body, and I know I sweat, not profusely, but normally. My pump gets sweaty and it smells like B.O. Whenever I take it out to bolus, then my fingers smell like that, too. Gross, I know.

Does anyone have any suggestions to keep this from happening all the time?

I don't do that often, but when i do, i put the pump in a cotton-baby sock, which protects the pump somewhat from sweat. you can wash the sock from time to time, which should keep things more or less clean...

I don't put mine so much inside my bra as clip it to the center on the outside. It only shows too much in a few thin fabric or low cut tops. I also often just keep it clipped to my belt or waist around to the side with a top over it if it's long enough...or not, I really don't care if it shows.

Hi Anne, I also wear my pump under my clothing. Mine is clipped to the center of my bra, not actually inside of it. Also I don't sweat much so maybe I am just lucky. I don't have a suggestion how to keep it from happening other than stop sweating! I know, right?!? I would put the pump in a bra pouch (pic attached) and have seen these for sale in various places. Or a baby sock would work too, as swisschocolate suggested. I sometimes put mine in a sock if I am working in the dirt and don't want it to collect dirt granuals ans stuff.

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That's a good idea. I'll try that. I do wear it on my belt sometimes, and also clipped to the center of my bra, but I find I like it best just hidden away. The sock is a great idea. Thanks.

Maybe an occasional wipe-down with baby wipes, or something similar that would clean it off and remove the sweat smell? I don't usually wear mine inside my clothing, but I do try to clean it every so often, to remove the peanut butter and jelly smears ;)

Sweat smells because of the bacteria that grow there. The reason why sweat, say, on your arms doesn't smell like B.O. is because bacteria tend to like warm, moist, dark places. That's what makes B.O. smell, not the sweat itself.

Before you freak out, remember that bacteria are everywhere (the bacteria that live on your skin and in your body outnumber your cells by 10 to 1), and that this is in no way an indication that you're unclean. But because of this, I think that regularly disinfecting your pump (not just wiping it off) will probably help a lot. I don't know what the indications would be for disinfecting, since many disinfectants probably damage the plastic, but the manual that came with your pump should have instructions for disinfecting.

Every couple of set changes, I wipe my pump down with the alcohol swab I used to clean the top of my insulin vial.

Maidenform makes a bra pocket. I got one at their outlet store here for about $5.

I wear it clipped at the the center (the vamp? or is it the bridge?) of my bra, I like to buy bras that have a good vamp that is against my sternum. I have also used baby socks and pinned them between the girls. Actually the baby socks work great cuz they aren't only in white, and can be somewhat camouflaged under your clothing. Dark sock with dark top.

Wow, I never heard either of those terms! I have a brand of bra that fits perfectly and has no gap to my sternum. I always wondered when people said they put it "in" their bra, because mine doesn't have an "in". Maybe that's

I clip mine on the center of the bra, on the side, in the cup; or if really active on a hot humid day, I put my pump in my bra cup in a baby sock pinned to the inside of the cup. Plenty of room for me. TMI here as well my "Girls" do not take up that much space in the cup, lol, , and I always do the padded kind of bra , always room for the safety pinned pump-in-sock combo. Socks can be washed and pumps are easily wiped down with an alcohol or antiseptic swipe.
God bless

Maybe a better word would be "on" for that bridge part. Except during hot summer, my best and very accessible thing to use is the pump camisole. Never had luck with the "thigh thing" became an ankle thing rather quickly.

Hi Anne I use a baby sock, just big enough to slip the pump into. Works brilliant and makes pump more comfortable inside my bra :)