My pump died today!

My minimed whom I call Ursula died today! She just started beeping and the numbers on my wizard just kept going 1-600 over and over again. It was like it was cursed by the devil. Has anyone had this happen?

Of course it’s been about two years since I’ve had to inject myself with a syringe multiple times a day; I miss my pump already!

That’s too bad!!! Is it still under warranty? Our pump is no longer under warranty and have no $$ to buy a new car/pump :wink: so we are crossing our fingers that it will hold up with no problem…

Minimed is usually good about replacing pumps I think. My sister got a call from them when her pump warranty ran out, and they asked her if she would like to have a new one. I thought that this was good customer service. Yes! They sent her a new pump right away. But only because her warranty was up. Call them and see what they can do for you. Good Luck!

I see things from a slightly more sinister angle Toni. I think MM called your sister after her warranty so they could bill her insurance and make $$. When my warranty ran out MM called me quite a few times to the point of annoyance. I doubt they call so much just to provide a service to the customer.

LAB- You mention 2 years so I imagine it is still in warranty? They usually get it to you prettty fast unless…it dies on a Saturday. That is the one time you don’t get a replacement within 24 hours. There is no place that delivers mail on a Sunday :frowning:

Every once in a while I go back to shots for a few days. It is never too bad but by the 2nd day I really want the pump back.

Good Luck!

When mine which was in warranty blew up, I called them and they had a new one there before 10:00 the next business day. Unfortunately, it was Saturday of a 3 day weekend w/ the 4th of July on Monday but I was as pleased as I could have been w/ the way MM handled it.

I found a crack last weekend and call MM on Monday and the next dayed the pump to me. I have two years left on my warranty.

Minimed is great about replacing pumps. They will next-day one to you.