Pump's on its way!

Just got a phone call from the pharmacy. They receive authorization from Camden’s insurance and we should be receiving a shiny new Ping on Thursday!!
This has been after the worst rollercoaster of hearing we’d be getting it, then not getting it, then getting it, then waiting for a year after diagnosis. Camden’s super sensitive to insulin and we’ve got all sorts of issues with the Celiac and absorption. It’s very difficult to manage and this is going to make life so much better for all of us! We’ll have to wait until the following Wednesday to get in with the Dr. to get him all hooked up, but that’s ok. Just as long as it’s here and we KNOW it’s really going to happen, we’ll be feeling some serious relief!

Hoorah!!! Glad to hear that it is on its way! Hope the pump start will go great!

Life will be better for you and Camden, no doubt. Congrats!

Woo-hoo! Great way to start off the new year.

Yea ! What a way to start the new year. He’ll do real great with it. Keep in touch and let us know how it goes…