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If anyone wants my research this semester (it took a long time to accumulate and its all in one place here), take it with a grain of salt. I might be wrong about some things. Its really long and kinda technical, but its fairly complete and has lots of pretty pictures.

This is the link.

Part 1.
Part_1_Cleaned_for_PPE_Final_Paper_v5.docx (7.7 MB)

Part 2.
Part_2_Cleaned_for_PPE_Final_Paper_v5.docx (7.2 MB)


What is it about?

You could just click on it

I skimmed much of it and read portions. Some of it was over my head but you wrote it very well, helping me to understand the issue you researched including the basis for your conclusions…nice job! I especially liked your airplane metaphor about using insulin without a CGM (page 40). There was another jet crash recently that was caused by a bad sensor.

I am not sure I agree with your last paragraph in the conclusions…Let’s say you got your wish and everybody uses hacked closed loop systems. That means commercial tech will not develop further (including each company’s proprietary algorithms etc.) and the tech will never be available to “the masses”. All the people out there who need the tech but are not tech savvy enough to have confidence in a hacked device will be left out. My guess is that would mean closed loop tech would not be available to a large percentage of diabetics in the US and the vast majority world wide, because they would never trust a hacked setup enough to use it.


Thats good feedback, thanks @John58.

@Eric2…diabetes tech stuff…Table of contents: Introduction; Radio Frequency (RF) Communication Summary; Radio Frequency Interference (RFI) & Detection; Black Hills Security KeeFab RF Attack Lab;Details of the original Radcliffe Hack; Extending Radcliffe’s Findings; White Hat Communities Organized by Patients;Dexcom & Corporate Patient Advocacy;Nightscout & Mobile Development; OpenOmni & Proprietary System Hacking; OpenAPS & Closed Loop Development;Hardware Investigation by Skorobogatov;Potential for Black Hat Attack;Device Manufacturers & Hospital Systems


Thanks, I will definitively check it out.

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