My Sister

My sister recently moved to Galveston. She got a job at Clear Creek ISD near Johnson Space Center as a special resources teacher and is/was in line to become a vice principal next year. She evacuated, but we just finally learned that she lost everything she had left behind in Galveston including her car, which is how she got back and forth to work. Her husband, thank God, had not left his job at Baylor Hospital in Dallas, because he was waiting on his tuition refund, so they still had their house in Corsicana. She had 2 dreams for her life…one to teach and make a difference for the disadvantaged, and the other to live in Galveston. We were diagnosed as T2s a month apart in 2007. She lost all her meds except what she had with her and had left her meter in her car…God’s mysterious ways again, I had just gotten a free upgrade meter in the mail and had some lancets because I had secretly been sending them to the Common Ground free clinic in Algiers, LA, which I am sending to her. She still has an endo who can write her an Rx for some strips and some more meds. Since she has private insurance, FEMA will not help with the meds, she is on her own. If they will let her back in before they all ruin she may be able to salvage some of her clothes. She has been ok up till tonight when I tracked down a relative of her downstairs neighbor and got his cell phone number and she talked to him. His exact words were “if you had been here you would be dead because I could not have saved you” 10 feet high water crashed into the house from the Harbor where the Carnival ships dock and burst the walls between the apartments and tilted the house. Her car, a Kia Rio, is at the edge of the property upside down with his on top of it, both tangled up in the chain link fence. He swam out, and his mother an Alzheimer’s patient who refused to leave, lives across the street in a house on 15 foot pilings, and he swam up to the porch and the water kept coming and they ended up with 3 feet in the house. So if yall would, please keep her in your prayers…she is very very upset tonight and that aint good for us diabetics!

I wish the absolute best of luck for your sister, and for everyone who was affected by the storm. Teaching and helping the disadvantaged are very noble aspirations, and while I like to believe that good things happen to good people, the world works in mysterious ways and sometimes karma seems to betray us. She is fortunate to have family like you who can help.

Just for fun, I started a discussion about a month ago surveying who was really prepared (referring to diabetes) in the event of an emergency. I think we can all take this lesson to heart and make sure we keep enough supplies on hand to get us through these types of catastrophes.

I hope everyone in your family is safe and secure right now.

Thanks God she is alive, we will pray for her and for everybody there.She has to contiue her prayers and never give up on God,.She will be fine and everyything will be good again for her.