Our thoughts are with folks in Texas

Stay safe, stay as dry as you can, amigos.

Hope you are well stocked with supplies and all as Ike goes through.


Definitely keeping everyone in and around the Houston/Galveston area in our prayers. God bless you all.

We are prepared here in Austin… schools closed at noon and all of the evacuees are staying in the shelters and schools. We will let you know how we are doing soon! THANK YOU for thinking of us!

If you get a chance, drop a line to the folks in Galveston and Houston.

Let them feel some TuDiabetes care.

I definitely have to say that my thoughts are with all of those in the Galveston/Houston area. I’m here in Corpus (one of the places the news media thought it would hit); fortunately, we were spared, but I couldn’t even imagine the heart ache some of you are dealing with in the aftermath of IKE…I pray that everyone has managed to make it out with only minor damage to their homes and property…

We’re thinking about you all!!!

Hey everyone! Ike was scary and just a big old pain in the booty, but I have evacuated to Austin. I haven’t had electricity at my place since 11:55 pm Friday night, and my mom was without water AND electricity in her retirement home. Thanks for thinking of us! We’re doing fine, but ready to come home.

Thoughts and prayers going up!

I am alive! Whoohoo! Thanks for the goods thoughts. Towns are slowly but surely coming back to life. Some will take longer than others, but over all there seems to be a good spirit here. We lost power around 6pm on Friday at my grandmother’s house and she is still waitng for her turn, but it is looking more likely each day! I received power back on Sunday night (yeah to living behind a grocery store!), so my apt has been a hopping place.

I was REALLY greatful for some neighbors that had a generator. They kept my insulin cold in their fridge when my grandmother’s fridge was no longer cold. We have been so busy cleaning up that my BGs have been awesome!!! Ha! The only time they seemed to go high was at night and I think that has been when the stress finally was hitting, uncomfortable sleeping arrangements, lots of thoughts going through the mind… blah blah blah.

I will say this I am SO glad I had a pump verses shots, it made it easier to adjust basal rates when I becasme more active or wasn’t eating as much as I thought I would.

I have spoken with others in the Houston area and they are good as well. Hope to hear from others soon. Thanks again for the concern!

Well, I’ve been on scarier rollercoasters------Just not for that long. Nothing I want to go through again.
My Family is fine, we lost a fence-it was ready to go anyway.
We only lost power for about 4 hours. Next day we had all our relatives with us who did not have Electric or water,(30 people).
Its like camping. Campers do not camp with non-campers its not fun.

We were blessed all in all. Its not as bad as the news shows, and thank God we have very cool temps right now.

Funny - my pump broke the day before Ike hit! UPs was not delivering. Talk about total freak out! Used a back up pump- Animas- it must have been about 4-5 years old. I did go the the pharmacy ot get some shits- waited for about one hour. Crazy! I realized I love new technology. When minimed sent a new pump- it was equipped with a CGM- which has been a good thing. Living through Ike was a challenge, but we made it through with flying colors!- my family is wonderful! Housotn has a wonderful spirit. Thanks for asking! hope you have a wonderful turkey day!

Yikes, my thoughts are with all of you! I’ll take our snow over that anyday.

Adding my best thoughts for everyone’s safety. Happy to hear from those in the area that they are well! Looks terrible from what I’ve seen on the news.

Hey Texas friends, send some of that rain to us in VA. Awful drought here.