My true friends

I have 2 really really good friends who are like my brothers. When I am haveing a bad day and running either low or high i go to them to help cheer me up. I have one friend who will call me and im crying sometimes because of the day. He tells me im tough and that he would not beable to do what i do. That always cheers me up. My other friend is always telling me to just ignore people that say im digusting. I know they have my back.

It sounds like you have two great friends Anna!

RRR who says your Disgusting? There wicked in there thoughts… No need to pay a ounce of attention to them… Rememer, sticks and stones break bone but your mean words can’t hurt me:)

Its a Blessing you have friends that are supportive:)

Your so Beautiful and Sweet, so just keep being you:)

Thanks Hismouse And Bradford