I hope you like this, I think this is is pretty good for me

This last week i have learned that not all people are who they say they are and are truley not your friends. This has not happened to me in real life but also on this very website. I feel stupid that i belived someone was a friend on here, i feel used and betrayed, scared and confused. people should no better then to just be yourself then to try to be someone your not. I know no ones life is perfect but that doesnt mean you need to change who you are because your true friends dont care what kind of person you are, They are your friends because you are a person worth being there friend. Being true to your self is all that matters because you will make it through the tough times. Granet there will be bumps through out your life. Things will come and go but if you stay true to yourself, dont give up and belive things get better and i have learned that.

Anna, very upsetting to find out that someone is not who they say they are. Understand feeling confused & betrayed. You were betrayed & it hurts. Please don’t feel stupid because those who lie & betray are very good at getting sympathy from kind people & manipulating them. Fortunately, people like this are in the minority & everyone encounters them at some point. They cause damage because they’re damaged people.

Thanks Gerri. :slight_smile:

Anna I’m like Gerri it’s very upsetting when you find out that someone is not who they say they are. I know the story. I was betrayed by them too and it upset me to find things out… Please honey know that there are those of us who really are who we say we are and are here for you! Like Geri said "they cause damanage b/c their damaged themselves. HOLD STRONG!!! I know I’m way to old (48 I bet you think I’m achent) but anytime you need me I’ll be there. I’m so sorry!

its ok and thanks Doris. And no i dont think ur achent. My parents are your age and my aunts in her 50s

Hey we’re only as old as we feel right? I’m still thinking I’m 18! LOL!

lol… every birthday my mom says she still 36

hehehe. I’m never gonna admit to myself I’m passed (waaaaay passed) that! LOL!

Sorry to read of your experiences Anna and esp so considering it happened here on TuD :frowning:

Unfort in all facets of your life you’ll come across people like that. Believe it or not :wink: I grew up in a time with no internet (well certainly not like it is now) and still befriended people who were not what they pretended to be. Its a learning experience and I still apply what I learnt back then in my day to day business and personal life. These people can be hard to spot but lies have a way of making themselves known! Also the internet, given its very nature, is a place that can be full of people who are not what they seem to be - it pays to apply a little caution before jumping in the deep end!

I had to lol @ Doris…congrats on turning 18 this year, I just turned 21 :wink:

I’m lucky. I’ve dealt with a situation with fake friends once and only in real life. I’m not really close with anyone on the internet so i haven’t had an issue like it come up on any web site. Maybe it’s because i know that people aren’t always who they say they are. Even if everything they told you was the truth. I read somewhere that even if everything they say is true, what people say about themselves on the internet is only about 10% of who they really are.