"My Weight Loss Coach" for Nintendo DS Lite

Today, I got a neat little ‘used’ game for my DS. It’s called “My Weight Loss Coach.” I only paid $8.95 for it. So far, it seems pretty neat. It comes with a little pedometer that you can also attach to your DS and upload the data for how many steps you have walked that day.

Every day has a new fitness challenge (ie, on my first day, the game is challenging me to walk 500 steps, and for my first month, the game is challenging me to lose 6 lbs), while tracking your BMI, daily food intake, and weight loss, and charting your progress.

I think this is going to be a fun little thing to do… and I’m very excited about it. If you, or one of your kids has a DS Lite, this little game is well worth it. Borrow their little DS just about once a day, and be encouraged as your progress shows. :slight_smile: What a way to have fun with something that can often be a chore! :slight_smile: