New Bathroom Scales

I’m so excited!
For the first time, on Tuesday night, I bid for an item on Ebay and won!

Seeing as I’m trying to get serious about losing weight I thought it might be a good idea to buy some bathroom scales, my old one (over 20 years old) got thrown out several months ago.

So I looked around but the ones I really liked were a bit too expensive for my pocket. Then I found this one on Ebay:

It’s a Shiba Complete Body Composition Analyzer Scale

(RRP $359) I paid $39 including postage.

The highest accuracy scale available - Body Water - Bone Mass - Body Fat - Weight - Muscle Mass all combined to calculate your Daily Calorie Intake

The most advanced body composition scale on today’s market.

Endorsed by Europe’s most renowned Dietitians.

  • Measures your Weight
  • Calculates your Bone Mass
  • Monitors Body Fat Percentage
  • Checks Body Water
  • Determines Muscle Mass

Well when it arrives, hopefully tomorrow, I'll have a lot of reading to do to see how it all works and hopefully I won't break them as soon as I stand on them! :-)

I’ve been told by many people to look on Ebay when I need or want something. I’m hesitant because I might get addicted. Congrats on a bargain! It sounds like it does everything but cook and clean. I didn’t know a scale could do all that. I’m battling a weight problem too. Please post when you get it working. I threw my old scales away in 1994 after losing 106 lbs. I wasn’t diabetic then and did it by eating low fat and exercising. I was very strict. Took me 14 months. Back then I didn’t have to look at carbs, only fat . Now I’m 14 yrs older and diabetic, so I have to approach things differently. Good luck. I’m sure you won’t break the scales (they may groan a little. HaHa)

Thanks Sandy!
It was pretty exciting but I don’t think I’ll get addicted unless I win the lottery. :slight_smile:
I didn’t even register, my son let me use all his details and I had to ask him step by step what to do cause i was worried about making a mistake and ending up paying thousands of dollars LOL.
I was hoping it would arrive today but it didn’t so fingers crossed It’ll come on Monday.
I’ve been yoyoing with my weight all my life, I’d put on weight then diet and lose it. I think I tried every single fad diet out there in my younger days. If only I would have done the right thing then maybe I wouldn’t be having these problems now. Oh well, I guess that’s part of life, we make mistakes and then we learn from them the hard way. :slight_smile:
I’ll let you know if the scales break or groan (funny you should say that, the scales I originally wanted were TALKING scales! LOL