My worst spike food


Pizza and Chinese food for me, but they are so good


Chinese buffets I love them but don't even think about going there.


Just HAD TO try a new flavor of potato chips today: 275 2 hours later.
Good-bye to the occasional potato chips . . .


Korean temple special foods…many are made with rice flour and are very dense. I can resist the rice, but Lunar New Year or Buddha’s birthday are an almost guarantee of up to, and occasionally over 300. Although I try to stay a high of 160-170, 200 is not uncommon.


Kelloggs Cornflakes is our. That and Rice Krispies. Mind you all foods first thing spike my daughter’s sugars.


With everyone’s talk about sugars and staying under 200 stresses me out. My daughter spikes into the 300s but comes down farely quickly. We try to pre bolus as often as possible. It helps but it’s tough.