NaBloPoMo - Welcome to November!

I decided on a whim to join the Ning group NaBloPoMo. Here is my first post. I am posting on my normal site, NaBloPoMo, and here although one site may get missed if I am running short of time. Heres to November!

So after an October
filled with swinging blood sugars and extreme highs, an overall blood
sugar average somewhere around 190, the first day of November is
proving to be very different. I woke up this morning around 1:30am with
a low of 53, starving and lost because my stock of juice was depleted.
I wandered upstairs looking for left over Halloween candy and found two
Butter Finger fun size bars, a fin size Twix, a Reese’s Pieces peanut
butter cup, plus two handfuls of Parmesan and Oregano Wheat Thins .
Yum! Despite all of that candy and starch, I woke up at 7:30 with at a
healthy 131.

That was the last time that I saw a normal blood sugar until 6pm. Let
me just say, floating between 50 and 80 all day while working at a job
that doesn’t allow any personal time is a ■■■■■. Luckily I had a break
between work and school, but when I got to my car I just broke down and
cried. It was so much energy and so stressful to feel sweaty, shaky,
confused yet trying to focus for 8 hours while worrying where my blood
sugar was and where it was going. It pissed me off and drained me;
pissed off that I had to always be the one to try and fix these
situations and prevent them in the future, pissed that my great doctor
was on vacation and couldn’t email me suggestions, furious that I
couldn’t explain why it was happening. Why, why, why when I haven’t
changed my insulin vial, my pump infusion set, nothing that should
effect my blood sugar so drastically in one day was altered, so please
God, why?

As I drove to class I debated on if I should go or not for fear of
battling another low. I made it an hour and a half early to class and
decided to talk to my professor, see what was on the menu for class
tonight and how important it would be to attend. I walked into her
office at an uncertain 78. She gave me the handouts and said that she
didn’t want me to feel obligated to neglect my health to attend class.
Afterward, an hour away from class, I decided to go home and rest for
the evening. Home being Jason’s house and Jason wasn’t home yet. I
sat waiting for him and decided to test again even though it was only
30 minutes from my last test, I was worried about it dropping again.
While pulling out my meter and poking my finger for a drop of blood I
said to my self, “If its anywhere near normal, I’m going to class.”
97. 97!

Somehow seeing that number lifted from me out of my slump of lows and I
decided to treat my self to a double cheeseburger from Burger King. I
had three hours of class to last through and I wasn’t going on an empty
stomach with a 20 ounce of Coke. I covered half what I usually would
have for the cheeseburger, and hoped for the best. I kept a temp basal
rate going of 50% what it would usually have been and lasted the entire
class over 85 and under 130. It was wonderful!

Now, of course in true diabetes fashion my blood sugar is a little too high. Maybe the trends of October aren’t gone completely.

I still don’t understand what the hell was going on, but hey, I made it through the day and through my class. Amen for that.