One of those bad days! want to hide!

Well, just need to complain to somebody that understands. Last night I went to be with my bloodsugar at 140. Woke at 3:30 a.m. and I was 140. Went back to bed and woke at 6;30 a.m. at 62 bloodsugar.??? Ate 2 glusose tablets and now I am at 280! Going to go take my Humalog to correct. I have a headache and feel like I want to hide under the blankets

Some days are soooo annoying with is D!!! I guess I am just having one of those “poor me” days! Need to snap out of it. You would think after 16yrs. of this it wouldn’t bother me anymore???

I have been doing pretty good lately…I quess that’s how it goes!

Thanks for letting me vent!


you’ll be alright, maybe you were just hungry. I remember my sugar kept going up when i hadn’t ate anything once

Thanks Domo, Just one of those days,everything I touch I drop…annoying days…Maybe I am just getting a “surge” of menopause!! haha.

I hear you! I hate days like that. Makes me feel like I can’t control anything :frowning:

Hope that tomorrow is a better day!

Betcha u are fightin one of those spring fever bugs… That’s what I always blame it on when numbers are just plain acting stooopid…
I hate that, just when you think you’re in control and something just plain stupid happens…
I just say screw it and blame it on my body… Sure in heck aint going to blame it on something that I might have done or should have done … Sometimes ya just gotta say screw it , I did the best I can.
And then go eat some vegetables…
Carrot cake can be considered one of the food pyramid veggies, right? :oP*

Thanks, I had to go to my eldest daughter’s house right after this and she is really sick…thought I was going to have to take her to the doctor. We think she has food poisioning, so I doctored her up with 7up and peptobismol and applesause,etc. did her dishes, cleaned her bathroom and did my “mommy” thing. Just got home and I am still “high” because I was just about to take my Humalog shot and got the call from her, so I didn’t take it and just ran out the door to help her. I have just eaten cheese today. Have a massive headache, and I am now going to take a small shot and go lay down and then start dinner and “start fresh” with a meal and good ole’ Humalog!! Thanks for letting me gripe! and whine! and thanks for your replies! Just need to suck it up, BAD day.

Those days are so frustrating. So often, there is no good reason for it at all, other than the fates are just toying with us. Last night for me was the opposite – low before bed, so I had a zone bar with a small bolus. 2 am I’m at 300, so I bolus. 4 am, I’m at 297. So I bolus. 6 am, I’m at 275. So I bolus. No breakfast today. All that from just one under-bolused zone bar? This condition is so frustrating at times. I think the moon and stars are just misaligned today. Hang in there!!

Thanks, hope you are better as well. Usually I can just shake this stuff off, no big deal right? Today is not one of those days!!! I just “LONG” to be normal again! Oh, what it would be like to be NON-DIABETIC, even for a short timeframe! Yes, the moon and stars are misaligned today for sure!

Joshephine, Thank you. I am okay today, kinda…Yes, I quess this is our normal! I am switching over to Levemir as of tonight, hopefull that will help (heard it s “smoother” and lasts less then Lantus, which will be good for me since I split the dose. I saw my doctor today and he is all for it, will give it a try!!! Hope you have a beautiful weekend.

I can see that it is a problem, my blood sugars can start out at 179 first thing in the morning, noon it would be 140, 2 hours later my right eye clouds over the worst, I take the reading and it would be at 44. I go into action drinking a glass of milk followed by a couple pieces of hard candy. Then I’m set at normal for the next day.

You are very welcome for venting here Robyn. We need those days to vent and even hide our heads under a rock in the forest. I just got out of the hospital yesterday and last night my numbers did the same thing so I had to fix a glass of milk with some sugar in it to get mine back up again from a 51. So, let all of us who had a low belly up to the bar and have a quick fix and start enjoying life again.

Thanks for venting Robyn.