Nail fungus in the hizzouse. Woot

I have pretty good control, but somehow I still got a fungal infection on my toenails. Anyone else? Any treatments? I have an Rx for Lamisil, but I’ve been reluctant to take it since it seems to have a range of side effects which can be nastier than the fungus itself.

Well, it is a nasty fungus! So I would try to get rid of it as soon as possible. Lamisil can be bought without prescription (even in Germany) and therefore I would not consider it as too harmful. I hope it will work for you.

fungus and parasites feed on sugar in the blood stream, lucky us

You can try Vicks Vaporub or Tea Tree Oil twice a day, but you must be vigilant. Good luck.

I have some Lamisil sitting in a cabinet, but I read some horrible stories about it so I decided not to take it.

I know this is an old post but do I have the answer for you!!
2 actually.
Tea Tree Oil applyed topically 2x daily UNTIL THE NAIL IS GROWN OUT.
Henna terped with tea tree oil (notice a recurrent theme?) applyed topically, (would not hurt to add tea tree oil to that nail till it is grown out) you will see the nail grow out because the henna will stain your nail a lovely color.

Hi , had it once (wearing synthetic socks in hot humid weather) fixed by soaking feet in sea salt and then getting out in the sun ( we have plenty in Australia!) , keeping dry at all times. Fungus bugs apparently donbt like sunglight.
The Tea Tree oil mentioned by Karen and Elaine sounds great also.

i suffered from that too, started summer of 2000. continued to get worse over the years, and then just stopped altogether, quite abruptly.

very coincidentally, i had began a fully synthetic insulin regimen just prior to fungus arrival, and within days of switching back to an all-natural (porcine) regimen, pure white normal nails started growing, fung-free. curious, that.

I’m sorry, but picturing big ugly melvin with yellowing disfigured nails is too much for me!

big ugly melvin is actually my cat. he wanted some online presence, but he cant type for squat.

Oh man. Been there!!! I managed to get toe nail fungus several years ago – I think I got it from my boyfriend, as he’s always had the problem. It lasted a couple years.

Tried tea tree oil and over the counter fungal treatments, neither of which did much. And plucked the nails off several times, and it always grew back.

Eventually, this past year, it cleared up on its own! I have no idea why. Well, okay, my boyfriend actually got a prescription for Lamisil, and his started clearing up. So mine did too around that time, though I wasn’t taking it myself. Maybe just not being around his gross feet helped! XD

But something else could have been responsible for the random clear up. I think mine cleared up before his finished, really.

I just hope it doesn’t come back because those nails take forever to grow out!

That helps some.

I have one now in my big toe. I got a prescription for lamisil and was taking it but after 2 weeks I forgot. The next step my doctor says is to remove the toe nail (eww) and let it grow back while rubbing ointments and such on it. Seeing as how I have an extreme fear of feet (I know I’m a freak) that just isn’t an option. Good luck to you tho!

I was having this issue with one of my toenails too for awhile and then last night a good portion of the nail fell off…I assume the rest of it will fall off too at some point… Is there anything special I should be doing to the toenail bed until the new nail comes in? So far I’ve been cleaning the area with peroxide just to be safe and have it bandaged.

I had a terrible reaction to Lamisil pills and got a rash all over my chest and neck that lasted for weeks. I was told I can’t use it again and the doc wanted to take the nails (I had 3 on one foot and 2 on the other that had the funk). I told him no way, I would just leave them be. At the time I was just starting to really get better control and I had a 7.3 a1c. When my a1c got under 6.5, the nails just started getting better on their own. They look normal now, it is so weird. Only one of them still looks funky so I am waiting to see if it falls off.

I’ve never tried this, but have heard raves about Bag Balm. My step father has fungul problems. I was on a site that had several product reviews and lots of people said it cleared up all sorts of infections and helped with wound healing. It was reasonably priced and you used to be able to find it at Walgreens or WalMart.

Its supposed to be sort of stinky and it does contain lanolin, in case you may be allergic.

I am dealing with this same problem. The podiatrist I met with for my feet exam said it is quite common in diabetics. He told me that it was good I didn’t take something like Lamisil, his opinion was it was too risky. Dont know if that is true.

I was reading Dr. Bernsteins book and he talks about getting a prescription of Tincture of Fungoid. Has anyone had success with that?

The Tincture of Fungoid is an “classic” remedy, first produced in 1925. I don’t have any experience with it. I had a fungal problem on one toe that did not respond to lamisil and I was not happy about taking a wide spectrum medicine. It eventually affected the whole toenail. In the end, I found tea tree oil. Tea tree oil penetrated below the nail and killed the problem. I had to apply the tea tree oil for about 2 months while the nail grew out, but it worked. Tea tree oil can be found at natural supplement stores and I believe that whole foods carries it.

Thanks BSC. I am going to throw out that question to Dr Bernstein in his monthly web cast to see if he can give me more information on it and how he has dealt with it in his patients. I know a health store here and will check with them on the tea tree oil. Thanks for helping, its a bugger to get rid of!